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The Bachelorette: What’s Going To Happen With The Final Three?

July 09, 2009 01:39 PM by Britteny Elrick


Now that Wes is finally out of the way, Jillian Harris can focus on her remaining three bachelors: Ed, Kiptyn, and Reid. On the upcoming episode, the four will travel to Maui for intimate overnight dates. You know what this means: drama! One of Jillian’s dates will not go as planned and she is left wondering if she can even continue in the relationship or not. Keep reading for full details…

According to the ABC press release:

After finally sending Wes home despite her strong feelings for him, Jillian is confident that she has three incredible men left. The dates are not only filled with amazing sand and surf adventures, but also excitement and passion, as Jillian continues to explore what her future would be like with each of these potential mates. She is once again faced with extending an invitation to each bachelor to spend the night in a “fantasy suite.” However, there may be serious repercussions to their decisions and poignant reactions to these intensely emotional trysts.

Jillian immediately tests Kiptyn with a daring, beachside ropes course designed to build trust and teamwork. She has strong feelings for him and their relationship has grown, but she still isn’t sure where this will end. During a romantic evening alone, Jillian confronts him: Is he ready to be the love of her life? And is she ready to take a leap of faith and trust him with her heart?

The next day, Jillian surprises Reid with a spectacular panoramic helicopter tour of Maui, landing at a secluded beach where a romantic picnic awaits them. They have an amazing time, but he confesses something that shakes Jillian. At dinner she lays her heart on the line: Is he going to be ready to propose at the end? And will his answer affect Jillian’s decision to continue the night in the “fantasy suite?”

Jillian takes Ed on a boat ride to a remote cove where the couple play in the pristine water. She has some very serious concerns about this bachelor, but out on the boat, Ed, who is head over heels in love with Jillian, presents her with a thrilling and totally unexpected surprise that shows just how serious he is about her.

The Bacheloretteonce again has the option to spend the night with all three men. One of the dates does not go according to plan, leaving Jillian wondering if this relationship will ever work out or not.

Jillian is more confused than ever. She is in love with all three men and has concerns about all three. In the boat, Ed, who is head over heels in love with Jillian, presents her with a thrilling and totally unexpected surprise that an attempt to get more insight so she can make her crucial decision, she decides to have a private talk with one of the bachelors about their fantasy suite rendezvous. Finally, she offer her roses to the two final men, but bids a tearful goodbye to a man she truly loves. Then, realizing she is close to finding her fairytale ending, Jillian and two remaining bachelors toast their final adventure.

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