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The Fashion Show: What A Rip Off

July 09, 2009 11:39 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight is a critical night for the designers on The Fashion Show.They will face their toughest challenge yet: creating an evening gown with lots of bling. Much to their chagrin, the designers will be joined by previously ousted contestants who’ve come to assist them with their gowns.Then in a very exciting confrontation, one of the designers gets called out for ripping off a red carpet dress worn by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Keep reading to find out who will make it to the final fourandget to showcase an entire collection to be voted on by America.

James gets tearful again and says how much it stinks being in the bottom and that he needs to prove himself. Reco is stressing because he needs to win the final prize so he can get out of debt. The Harper’s Bazaar mini-challenge will encompass several aspects of designing and will be centered around draping. The designers receive a yard of material and 12 pins and to create a dress. James is feeling good since he’s a self-proclaimed master of draping; whereas, Johnny is freaking out because doesn’t have a clue.

James' Gown

James' Gown

The judges ask Reco if he was channeling the 80′s in his design. They absolutely love Anna’s, but think that Johnny’s is more wrapping than draping. The feel that Daniella really “listened to the fabric,” and that James’ was just so-so. Daniella wins the challenge, although Anna should have. My guess is that she didn’t listen to the fabric enough. Isaac tells them they will be designing an evening gown for their elimination challenge. [gasps everywhere]

Johnny's Gown

Johnny's Gown

They reveal an entire table of Swarovski crystals and they are to make the model feel like a million dollars. Well how are you supposed to do that in fifteen hours? When the designers go to the fabric store, they are greeted by past contestants Angel, Haven, Keith, Merlin, and Andrew. Merlin is donning his feathered hat and red-riding-hood outfit as always. Daniella gets to choose first and she picks Haven, James chooses Merlin, Reco takes Andrew, Anna chooses Keith, and Johnny is stuck with Angel. He says that he’d of rather enlisted the help of the janitor.

When Isaac and Kelly come in to spy on the designers, they question Johnny’s gown. The only place he has used crystals is on the belt of his dress and he admits he’s never made one before. Okay, so far this guy has admitted he can’t sew, he can’t draw, he doesn’t do draping, and he’s never made a gown. They must have been quite picky during the casting process. They also question Daniella’s gray dress, which resembles a gloomy cloud. Anna, on the other hand, has gone over the top with her eccentric pink floral printed gown. James puts together a floor length black velvet dress with a gold underlay and crystal details all along the side. Hello, Renaissance fair. Finally, Reco creates a flowing, purple and hot pink strapless dress.


Reco's Gown

At the judging, Anna and Daniella’s dresses are chosen as the top two. They have successfully made it into the final four. They congratulate Anna on how far she’s come from her dreary self and they absolutely loved the risk she took. The judges feel like Daniella’s simplistic dress is fit for the red carpet, and her design wins the challenge.

Then Reco’s model walks out, as Johnny gives the biggest eye-roll of all time, Kelly tells Reco that he’s earned a spot in the finals. Now it’s time to deal with the losers: James and Johnny. They tell James that his outfit is too costume-like and it reminds them of the scene in Gone With The Wind when Scarlet makes a dress out of drapes. They tell Johnny that his dress is exactly what they would see on the red carpet – andjust as he smiles incessantly – they say that’s the problem with it. And now for the best part: Isaac busts out a pictures of Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing almost the exact same dress on the red carpet. Although Johnny tries to play ignorant, they show clips of him telling Angel how much he loved Maggie’s leopard print dress.

Anna's Gown

Anna's Gown

While the judges deliberate, Johnny gripes to the designers about how Angel should have stopped him if she knew he was ripping off a design. Then Reco calls him out and says that Angel did try to stop him and that he overheard Johnny talking about Maggie’s dress. Okay. So now there’s no possible way for Johnny to crawl out of this mess.

Daniella's Gown

Daniella's Gown

Tonight they don’t even beat around the bush. When James and Johnny come out, Isaac simply tells them that design is not plagiarism. “Bye Johnny,” he says. On his way out, Johnny replies, “I think it’s insulting to say that’s a knock-off… it was a dress that was very similar.”

Be sure to tune in next week as the designers will come back with a full collection, where America will decide who will win The Fashion Show.

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One Response to “The Fashion Show: What A Rip Off”

  1. Elimination Wendy Says:
    July 11th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Does anyone else think it is funny that someone was kicked off for knocking off another designer on a show that is a knock off of another show?
    Not a single person on this program has any self awareness.


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