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Trista Sutter Weighs In On The Bachelorette

July 10, 2009 11:43 AM by Britteny Elrick


Trista Sutter, who has experienced one of the only successful Bacheloretteoutcomes, has taken the time to speak outonthis season.On her blog for E! News, Trista writes about Jillian Harris’ final three guys and the good or bad signs she has noticed with each relationship. As you might imagine, she doesn’t hold anything back whenshe addresses the latest rejected bachelor, or as she lovingly refers to him “Filth-of-the-Earth-Wes.” You don’t want to miss this!

Trista wrote on Tuesday, July 7 on her E! News blog for WatchWith Kristen:

Last night’s Bachelorette was set in Spain, and not that I’m complaining about my once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I do love to travel and have to admit that I felt a tinge of green watching this episode.

Kiptyn starts off the week’s dates. Jillian wonders if he is the perfect package and out of her league. Personally, I don’t think anyone’s out of anyone’s league. It’s all about chemistry and they’ve got it, minus all those not-so visually pleasing kisses. But as I’ve always said, maybe she likes outstretched lips and all the visually pleasing kisses ended up on the cutting room floor.

Their date included holding hands and strolling through Madrid (so romantic), learning to dance Flamenco (so embarrassing) and a yummy escargot (so slimy!) dinner. At dinner, serious conversation sparks and that’s a definite necessity. Six weeks is a short amount of time (yes, I do know that, and yes, I am crazy for doing the show, but it worked for me and I have no regrets!), so you have to milk each second for all it’s worth.

There were a couple of bad signs on the date, though:
1. He reminds her of her dad. Ewww.
2. She rejects the card from host Chris Harrison to “forego their individual rooms and stay in the fantasy suite.” When I was in her shoes, that time alone played such a huge part in my personal decision-making process and it had absolutely nothing to do with sleeping with them.

Next up was Reid, who joins Jillian for a picnic in Sevilla. Love his humor. Love his honesty. Love how naturally happy they appear together. At dinner that night, romance and heart-to-hearts were abundant, but yet again she decides against sharing the fantasy suite. She said “next time,” which makes me wonder if Jillian is the first in a long line of bachelors or bachelorettes who gets two weeks of suite-sharing opportunities. Bottom line: Reid is right up there with Kiptyn, and if they don’t both get chosen, I’ll know how truly pathetic my guessing skills are.

Loving Jillian’s outfit for Ed’s date. Supercute. Ed doesn’t look bad himself! They start out on a carriage ride through Sevilla, then head to an outdoor cafà for a glass (or five!) of wine, walk through the streets and fountains of Spain and end the day with a breezy dinner.

So glad he realized that he made a mistake. I wonder what the situation at work was, though. Did he lose his job or work so hard that he earned another possible three weeks away? I’m curious, but not because I question his integrity and wonder if he’ll do it to her again. He couldn’t get her out of his mind back in Chicago, and I always believed that the person you end up with should be someone you can’t live without. Does he have to still prove himself? Most definitely. During their daytime date, I think he did that and more, and we only get to see the best parts, in the editor’s mind at least! For me, he racked up the points with:

1. Admitting that he would’ve taken her to karaoke on his hometown date. That is just so out of left field, but so endearing and makes me love him even more!
2. All that kissing! Even more points went into his corner because of the incredible show of chemistry as well as the utter lack of awkwardness. When the kissing is that good, it tells you a lot. All I know is it reminded me of my time with Ryan on the couch at the W in Seattle. That was the night I knew I could kiss just him for the rest of my life. Maybe that’s what Jillian was thinking!
3. Great conversation.
4. A great laugh.
5. His infectious smile. I swear he could be a smile or teeth model if there is such a thing!

At dinner, the infamous fantasy suite card is served to them on what looks like a silver platter. How fancy. Jillian stares into Ed’s eyes coaxing an answer from him and after he not-so-surprisingly says yes, she turns around and yanks his desire right out from under him and throws the option in the trash. Sorry, Jillian, but if you were never going to let it happen, you shouldn’t have batted your eyelashes to get him to answer when you knew he would’ve accepted the invitation. How can spending more time together confuse you? Closed doors away from cameras aren’t all about getting nakedâ⬔at least they weren’t to this one time Bachelorette, regardless of what the producers wanted the card to represent. They are purely a chance at more quality time and that should offer anything but confusion. Thank goodness Ed was on the same page as me and could convince her otherwise,and not in a sleazy way. He just wants to get the time back that he foolishly gave up and I think the fantasy suite was a great start to making amends to the past.

Jillian meets Wes in Barcelona, and, of course, the producers show us that, to him, it’s still all about the music. After all, one of his songs was No. 1 somewhere in Mexico. Oy vey. Wrong country, dude, and wrong show for that matter. American Idol auditions are happening now around the country.

Besides his obvious, despicable ulterior motives, Wes could not be more conceited, inarticulate and ill-mannered. After their fun-natured bike ride, they stop off at a beautiful gazebo for some food and conversation and the red flags start flying. First of all, he continuously says “honestly” and “to be honest with you.” Not sure where I’ve heard this, but when someone feels the need to fill a chat with those words, they are most likely anything but honest. Second, he’s picking food out of his molars. Disgusting. Third, when Jillian brings up where they would live, he does not budge an ounce. The only option to him is staying put in Austin. Seems pretty obvious that his priority would continue to be his career and Jillian would fall somewhere short.

And last, we come to my favorite quote of the season, so far. Jillian poses the question of how they would make it work if he makes it to the end, and Wes, out of nowhere says, “that bird has no foot.” Un-freakin-believable.

At dinner, they get in to the do-you-have-a-girlfriend conversation yet again. Wes says, “If I had a girlfriend, I would be gone.” What? Why would you even go on the show if you had a girlfriend? That’s showing your hand right there!

He then rationalizes that he would be gone already if he were just there trying to sell records because he’s already played her the song and “done the whole full-band thing.” That makes absolutely no sense being that in the next breath he says that any publicity is good publicity. If I were sitting in Jillian’s seat, I would’ve called him out on that.

The evening gets even worse when Wes busts out and says, “I’m not here to hurt you, but I’m gonna be true to myself because numero

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