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Big Brother 11: Jessie Nominates Two For Eviction

July 12, 2009 06:53 PM by Ryan Haidet


He’s back. The arrogant, muscular mass known as Jessie. He re-entered the Big Brother house to play for a second time as a member of the Athletes clique after his team won the first Head Of Household competition. And when that front door creaked open and he set foot inside, the same player that irritated loads of viewers last summer showed he hasn’t changed one ounce. He walked inside acting almost like a big-shot celebrity to the new cast members. But most of the other players weren’t impressed with him. In fact, the only people who seemed remotely pleased were the other Athletes.

If his attitude wasn’t bad enough, Jessie also won the power to be the first Head Of Household. He walked out into the living room swinging his key to the HOH room and asked everybody to come up and see it. The group cheered as they walked into the room of power. Kevin called the room “super zen.”

Reliving High School

Hatred of high school days was a theme throughout part of the episode. While sitting in the pool room, Ronnie said that high school was hell. He said that people had poked fun at him and called him gay. Michele said that lots of people thought she was a lesbian. Some of them hoped this experience could help break some of the stereotypes against them and others similar.


Outside on the hammock, Lydia and Kevin dished their dirt from high school, about the negative ways in which they were judged. It was for that reason that Lydia vowed not to judge Jessie on his exterior, but instead wanted to get to know him for who he is. Well, here’s a hint Lydia — he’s not very deep. Didn’t you see him last season? He’s arrogant, annoying and degrading. You’d be better off leaving him alone and playing the game for yourself — remember, you said that you don’t usually get along with his type. Just a warning.

Ronnie, on the other hand, felt he was far smarter than Jessie and tried to use that to his advantage. He went up to the HOH bedroom and worked on cutting a deal where the Brains and Athletes could join forces. It was a great plan, until he started comparing the pact to Star Wars.


Later, as Jessie and Natalie chilled in the HOH bedroom, both Ronnie and Chima joined them. Natalie asked Ronnie what he would think about being a pawn since that would be the best way keep their alliance a secret. After all, nobody would nominate an ally, right? But Ronnie is definitely no dummy. He said he wasn’t comfortable being placed on the chopping block as a pawn because the pawns always seem to become the target.

A Neon Challenge

In past seasons, the houseguests competed for food. But this season, they are competing for a whole lot more. In the first ever Haves Vs. Have Nots competition, the group went outside after painting their bodies in bright neon paints. The Athletes didn’t have to compete and were given full luxury all week since they had won the first challenge.

It was a challenge of pipes and neon liquids. The first two teams to construct a pathway of pipes for the glowing goo to flow through pipes that spelled out “HAVE” would win luxury. The losing clique would be forced to live in the worst conditions in Big Brother history, eat nothing but slop for the week and only get cold water for their showers.

Shortly after the rave-like challenge got underway, the Offbeats took a huge lead. Casey led the way and his team stormed to victory. To quickly point out, this was an awesome challenge. Very different and unique — kudos to the challenge creators!


And it really wasn’t even a contest for the second-place team, either. The Popular group finished next, leaving the Brains in the dust far, far behind. I must say, this was pretty shocking. The group of people who should have been stellar at this challenge performed absolutely awful.

Chima was very upset about losing, but her disappointment got even stronger when she saw the bedroom she would have to sleep in the rest of the week. It consisted of thin mats on metal platforms. Ronnie said it wasn’t really that bad, but Chima was very upset about it. “It looks like an insane asylum,” Chima chirped about 100 times. She said it so often that I started to feel a twitch of insanity brewing in myself.


It’s only for a week. Deal with it. Be like Ronnie — let the Force be with you and get over the stress of the sleeping conditions. Ronnie has the perfect attitude. The beds don’t matter one bit. It’s how you react to situations like that and how you present yourself to the other houseguests. That’s what matters at this point.

Oiled Up Like The Tin Man

Jessie asked Lydia for a massage. So she obliged. After grabbing a bottle of oil, she joined him in the HOH bedroom and rubbed the stress out of his massive muscles. It really seemed as if the pair of unlikely pals were starting to bond. He even opened up to her and talked about the looming Nomination Ceremony.


Maybe Lydia was right not to judge Jessie from the outside. He did seem to be pretty cordial with her.

Shortly before Jessie had to make his decision, Russell and Natalie offered their thoughts on who he should place on the chopping block. He wanted Laura targeted, but Russell thought Lydia would be the better choice.

So Much For That Massage

After all the keys were pulled out of the nomination box, it was revealed that Lydia and Chima had been nominated for eviction. Jessie said he respected them both as competitors, but somebody had to be nominated. I guess trying to work with him and be nice didn’t matter much, huh? I did try to warn you, Lydia.

As she was brought to tears in confessional, Chima appeared to be relatively calm and comfortable as the pawn.


Will it turn back and bite her?

Images by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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