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Dance Your Ass Off: Strippin’ Off the Pounds

July 13, 2009 11:46 PM by Cindy Adams


The title says it all as the Dance Your Ass off contestants greased the stripper pole to shake those excess pounds away!

The Dance Your Ass Off group went to Crunch Gym where they learned how to work the stripper pole for their next routine.

Brandon decided to skip one of his workouts and just doesn’t realize how sick he is. Dr. Huizenga reminded him that he has diabetes, a fatty liver, and high blood pressure. Wow! Like the Doc said, he really has to do even more than they’re asking him to.


To date, the combined contestants’ Dance Your Ass Off weight loss has been 117 pounds.

Shayla and Mario shook their groove things to the Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha.” Shayla looked hot, but her partner looked like some kind of sex slave. Oh my! I swear Shayla spun on the pole like she had done that sort of thing before! She looked like a pro and the judges loved it. Her average score was 7.7 and she lost 1.16% of her body weight. Her total was 8.86 and to date, Shayla has lost 9.9 pounds.


Ruben and Hilary danced to “I’m a Slave for You.” It was a little scary, but Ruben really got into it and was entertaining. His average was 7.7, and he lost 2.64% of his body weight, for a total score of 10.34. Wow, overall the man has lost 26.8. Way to go Ruben!


Trice and Jesus danced to the song “Milkshake.” Trice did a split and a shake that bordered on obscene, and the judges wanted to see her work more on the pole. Her average was 6.3, and the percentage of body weight she lost was 1.11. Trice’s total was 7.41 and her overall weight loss since the show began is 17 pounds. That’s impressive!


Miles and Michelle danced to “I’m Too Sexy.” Miles did a strip tease and was really hilarious. The judges said they couldn’t keep their eyes off him. His average score was 7.7, and he lost 1.83% of his body weight. Miles had a grand total of 9.53 and has lost 14.4 pounds over the last three weeks.


Pinky and Mr. Lucky were fantastic dancing to “Lady Marmalade.” Pinky brought it and stepped out of the B-girl role. The judges said she was sexy, but there wasn’t enough dancing with the pole. Her average score was 8, and the percentage of body weight she lost was 1.10. Her total score was 9.10, and to date she has lost 7 pounds.


Brandon and Yesenia danced to “Shake It.” This was very boring and Brandon’s dancing was very weak. The judges said the pole work was missing. Brandon got an average score of 6.3, and lost 1.91% of his body weight. His total score was 8.21, and Brandon has lost 9.4 pounds since the show began.


Tara and Michael danced to “Promiscuous.” She looked so cute in her schoolgirl outfit and her confidence showed. She was another contestant who looked like she has used the pole before and was great. Her average score was 7.3. Tara’s percent of body weight lost was .87, for a total score of 8.17. Overall, she has lost 10.3 pounds.


Alicia and Italo hit the dance floor to “I Know What Boys Like.” Wow, Alicia did2 splits with easeand was very flexible! The judges were impressed. Her average score was 7.7, and her percent of body weight lost was .93. Alicia’s total score was 8.63, and she has lost a total of 12.6 pounds to date.


Karla and Jull danced to “I Touch Myself.” Karla was in the bottom two and in an uncomfortable moment, kissed her partner a little too intensely. Get a room guys! Her average score was 5.7. She lost .62% of her body weight and her total score was 6.32.


Mara and Paul danced to the 80s song “Cherry Pie.” She really rocked it, but was the contestant that was most scared of the poleâ⬔but she actually embraced it. Mara’s average was 8.3, and her total score was 9.01. She lost .71% of her body weight, and to date she has lost 11.6 pounds.


Ruben had the highest score of the night, but Karla had the lowest, so she was sent packing.


Don’t miss next week’s episode, when the contestants dance Latin style and show off their spicy side. Some sizzle, others struggle, Mara and her partner don’t see eye to eye, and not 1, but 2 contestants are sent home…

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