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Here Come The Newlyweds: One Couple Is About To Be A Whole Lot Richer

July 13, 2009 09:55 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight isthe big night on Here Come The Newlyweds, wheneither the Corlisses or the McMorrises will take home $480,000 to start their new lives together. Their much more comfortable and less stressful, new lives, that is. In theirlast challenge, the newlyweds will have a chance to earn veto cards, which they can use to erase the votes of their fellow contestants during the final elimination ceremony. After narrowly escaping elimination four times, do the Corlisses have any luck left or will the McMorrises triumph?

The couples find out that all the ousted newlyweds will be coming back and voting as individuals to determine who will win the half million dollars. Pat tells them that every time they win a challenge they have the opportunity to veto a vote. Their first challenge is a matching game on what the couples feel is too much to spend on certain items. The McMorrises win and gain a veto card.


Later on that night Pat sets up a very special dinner for the newlyweds… including all the original contestants ready to face them with awkward confrontations! The Hinkins immediately confront the McMorrises about the fact that they kept telling them they “were on the same page” but then proceeded to vote them out. Then Pat comes outside to present their second challenge, which will involve lasting impressions. The questions involve things like “Which couple will you miss the most?” The Corlisses really need to win this one not only because they lost the last one, but because most of the house hates them. And what do you know, they end up winning by one point.


At dinner that night, the couples crack open some beers and they try to forget about all the crap people said earlier and focus on the positive things.This taskgets significantly easier with each passing beer. The next day, Pat takes the couples out for one last super fun field trip. This time they head off to the exotic destination of: the retirement home, where all the couples have been married at least 30 years. The old couples will ask the newlyweds questions, and then they will vote on who should get the last veto. In the end, it appears the Corlisses were just too much for the old folks to handle, and they give their vote to the McMorrises. Well, I could have told you that and spared you all some valuable time.


Finally, it’s D-day, and Pat gives each of the couples an opportunity to plead their case in front of the other newlyweds. Mr. McMorris gives a heartfelt speech about happiness and tells everyone to hold hands. They almost started a campfire and started singing. Obviously, Mr. Corliss feels intimidated by this speech and when he gets up there he reads something he had written. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve seen this couple be emotional. They talk about how they didn’t even know if they’d make it to their first anniversary because they let work and stress get in the way of their marriage.

Pat reveals who the couples decided to veto. With both of their veto cards, the McMorrises chose Mr. & Mrs. Newbery. The Corlisses chose to veto Mr. Cox. All of their choices worked to their advantage. In the end, the Corlisses win $480k, and the McMorrises have a crying spell. Hey, maybe now the Corlisses can afford tocelebrate… with a new tattoo or something.


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