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Survivor: Producers Ask Richard Hatch To Return For Samoa

July 13, 2009 04:30 PM by Britteny Elrick


The upcoming season of Survivor: Samoa will be a celebratory twentiethedition of the show.There have been several rumors circulatingthat the season will be another all-stars edition, featuring a “Villians vs. Heroes” theme. Based onrecent newsthat Richard Hatch requested to be released from his 51-month sentence so that hecould participate in a job opportunity extended by CBS, those rumors just might be true.

As reported by Reality TV World, Richard, who is currently serving a 51-month sentence inRhode Island for tax evasion,filed the request documents last Friday. The season would film from August 1 – September 20, butRichard’s home confinement doesn’t end until October 7. “If permitted to participate in this opportunity, funds earned by Hatch could be applied first to any U.S. tax obligation (once determined),” Richard’s lawyers said in court papers.

The Survivor producers sent the request via email for Richard to appear on the anniversary season. They thought his presence would be “particularly significant” considering it has been exactly ten years since hewon the first season of Survivor.

“I can’t say who I think should go because I already know who was asked… [but] spread the word people Heros [sic] Vs Villians lives!” Coby Archa (Survivor: Palau)wrote in July 8 message board posting. “And yes, obviously I wasn’t asked since I was neither lol. Wouldn’t even be talking about this if Lynne would have returned my e-mails lol.”

“Judge (Ernest) Torres found that Richard was in need of supervision, including mental health counseling and that Richard perjured himself extensively during the trial,” the government said in court papers obtained by WJAR-TV. “[This motion] is essentially the same as [Hatch's] previous motion, except that he now requests permission to travel to Samoa for an employment opportunity, rather than to Argentina.”

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Stay tuned for coverage of Survivor: Samoa, which blasts the airwaves this Fall.

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