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The Bachelorette: Mike Stagliano On Getting His Heart Broken

July 13, 2009 09:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Charming Mike Stagliano was let go fromThe Bacheloretteduringa dramaticrose ceremony,when Jillian Harris decidedto keep Wes Hayden andEd, who came back to win Jillian’s heart after leaving on his own accord.Mike sat down with PEOPLE to discuss all the drama surrounding Wes, his heartbreaking goodbye message, and the possibility of being the next Bachelor

How’d you react to Ed’s return?

At the ceremony, I put my hand up to ask Chris Harrison, “Is this legal?” I didn’t understand the concept of “I’m gonna leave for about a month and then we’ll pick it up from there.” But it doesn’t matter what I think. It’s about Jillian. If she cared for Ed, he should be able to continue. But when Ed came back and Reid got the first rose, I knew I was going home.

You seemed genuinely heartbroken after being eliminated.

There is definitely a moment of “Wait a minute, what was that?” It’s a hypersensitive situation to meet someone in â⬔ no stress, wonderful dates, only girl you see for six weeks â⬔ but absolutely real feelings develop on the show.

Was your age the reason?

She talked about that to me directly a few times and I saw her say very openly to my brother that it was a factor, but I never felt like she was older than me. There were times I felt she was goofier than I am. I never felt like I needed to act more like a 30-year-old.

Who is the best fit in the remaining group?

Kiptyn is a really good guy, down-to-earth, great heart. I don’t think there’s a lot of humor there, but he’s very mellow and even keel so he contrasts Jillian well.

Are you over Jillian now? Dated since?

I haven’t dated anyone. That’s my own fault. I’m terrified of girls. I’m a disaster. I’m not crying in the corner and eating buckets of ice cream, but I totally still think about her. She’s really great. The “Men Tell All” [show] is in a week and I’m really nervous to see her. The last thing that I did on the show besides get dumped was make out with her. In my head, I went out on a high note.

Has this experience changed how and who you will date in the future?

Before Jillian, I always dated younger women. I really liked her personality and maturity so I think I’ll try older women.

Your dad seemed to be bracing you for rejection. How did your family react?

My family freaked out. I have brought home girls who did not get 10 out of 10 with my family. But they really loved her and she fit in. They believed that I fell in love. They saw it on my face.

There’s been some chatter about you and your brother stepping up as the first twin bachelors. Interested?

It’s extremely exciting to think that we could find girls, propose and have weddings at the same time. I couldn’t imagine anything better. Steve and I would spice things up a notch. [Our parents] would want us to do it because they know the process works. I did not go on the show for the right reasons, but I fell for her so I know it’s possible to find love there.

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