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America’s Got Talent 07/14/09: New York City Auditions

July 14, 2009 08:07 PM by Paulene Hinds


Talent has taken over the country and tonight the dream lives on as the search for America’s greatest act continues on America’s Got Talent .


First in, hoping he could please the toughest crowd in America was Jeffrey. He was a wannabe singer. The judges all buzzed him at the same time. It seemed he wasn’t the only act giving up the dream today as act after act was buzzed off the show tonight.

Wanting to prove that the Big Apple had talent was 9 year old Tallen a self-taught guitar player He said if he won the million dollars, his mom would be able to stay home and not have to work. He was a blues player who had only been playing 4 years. Wow, he rocked the stage with his classy performance tonight. He was a little soul man and Nick Cannon said, “Tallen got talent!” He was the first off to Vegas tonight!

On stage, the Big Apple was finally proving that they had talent. The judges and the crowd were thrilled and the enthusiasm was speading backstage to the competitors. Retired Barber Tony was hoping to make it big. He danced a freestyle disco number for the judges. For 74 years old he was full of life and fun, but not enough to go to Vegas. Piers Morgan had enough and buzzed him, but Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff let him finish. He was entertaining and was off to Vegas! He received two standing ovations from the audience.

In the last three weeks more than 50 acts have made it through to Vegas.Very soon America was going to have their chance to decide who would win the million dollar prize and live their dream of performing in their own show! Who was it going to be?


Everything was on fire in New York and everyone knew that they only had one chance to win a trip to Vegas. Backstage the spirits were high as Arthur the glamourous dancer, Nathan the magician, and the African High Flyers were off to Vegas.

One act was feeling the pressure as Kelly was about to try out for America’s Got Talent. She was on season one of American Idol and was voted out. She didn’t make it and put her dreams on hold for the past six years by working in a Casino. She was ready to hit the judges tonight with her perfectly beautiful voice. I don’t know how she lost American Idol six years ago, but she was amazing tonight! She was off to Vegas, but Piers Morgan said he wasn’t sure she would win the show as they see an awful lot of good singers.

As the auditions continued everyone was trying to make a name for themselves. Taking the stage next and hoping to make a name for themselves were the Bad Girls, who thought that they were good? Ewww, Lord help me…they wanted to be as big as the Spice Girls. Piers Morgan said that they had as much of a chance of that as he had to be the King.

Hoping they could do better were three brothers whose talent ran in the family. The Platt brothers spent their whole lives honing their talent for just this moment. They performed a dance piece which left me wanting to see more. Their act was very creative and they were off to Vegas.

Tonight some people were heading home, while others were heading to Vegas. Whatever the outcome, it took great courage to audition for this show.

The final act tonight was a group of postal workers, who had been singing together for the past ten years. They showed the judges what they had and they were fantastic as they sang their spiritual harmony. They ranged in age from 21 to 76 years of age. They were off to Vegas!

So, New York showed what they had tonight. It was all over and it went from crazy bad to crazy good.

Tomorrow night, see the preview of Mariah Carey’s Obsessed as America’s Got Talentreturns on NBC at 9 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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