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Big Brother 11: A New Target

July 14, 2009 07:48 PM by Ryan Haidet


Move over Jessie. Just when it seemed nobody could be more of a tool, Russell steps in to save the day. In tonight’s episode of Big Brother 11, Russell brought on so much drama and fighting that I’m actually starting to root for former Meathead Master Jessie. I can’t believe I actually just typed that. Only three episodes into the season and the personalities have already started to clash.

Tears & Comfort

After the first Nomination Ceremony, Lydia was devastated about being targeted for elimination. She went back to the pool room and started sobbing as several other houseguests tried to comfort her. Lydia said she felt like Jessie had judged her off of her appearance and that was the reason he placed her on the chopping block. But Jordan, Jeff and Kevin tried to convince her that she would be safe in the game.

Cue Chima.

Standing just outside of their discussion, Chima overheard the group’s comforting statements, which had her worried since nobody had tried to console her.

This is the prime reason it’s never a good idea to volunteer yourself to be nominated as a pawn. Never. Period.

Ooey, Gooey Zits

When it came time to pick the players for the Veto Competition, Lydia said in a confessional that she didn’t want the Athletes to be selected since they were the group that wanted her out in the first place. So when the random draw took place, every single member of the Athlete clique was chosen to participate. Irony, huh Lydia?


The group gathered in the backyard where there was a huge face on the ground with loads of acne. They had 10 minutes to pop the pimples and pull out lettered tiles from inside the gooey mess. They then had to use those tiles to spell out a long word. The contestant with the longest word would win the Golden Power Of Veto. Chima felt like she was perfect for this competition because of her extensive vocabulary as a freelance writer. Lydia was focused and said she was hoping to get enough letters to spell “civilization,” which is the longest word she could think of right then.

After the smelly, nasty, slippery challenge was over, everybody revealed their words. Jessie had tried to spell “continuously,” but instead he spelled it “continously.” A+ for effort!

If that wasn’t good enough, Natalie scored big time with her fabulous four-letter word “last.” Whew. At least she spelled it right.

Chima revealed she had started to spell “superficiality” but didn’t complete it in time.

Russell took the lead after successfully spelling “shotgun.”

Next up was Jeff who created a whole new word “tectronics.” Wow. I like ya, Jeff. But seriously?


It all came down to Lydia. She had tried for “civilization,” but couldn’t complete the word. That meant Russell took the first Power Of Veto. If that wasn’t bad enough, Russell then decided to give himself a new nickname — Shotgun Russell the Love Muscle.

Athletes Argue

Russell felt like Jeff was a complete moron who intentionally threw the Veto Competition. So he sparked a big argument in an attempt to embarrass Jeff. It all started when Russell walked around the house poking fun at Jeff’s new word he tried to create in the competition. Jeff tried to defend himself, but Russell kept on going.

Unbelievable. A huge fight over spelling broke out. After Russell got things rolling, he left the argument and went back inside the house. Naturally, the battle continued outside between Jeff and Natalie. The Athletic clique has already started falling apart.

Lydia Works Her Magic Massage Skills

Lydia was desperate to get off the nomination block, so she went off and started giving a massage to Russell. As she asked for safety, Russell told her that Natalie was really the person behind her nomination.

Moments later, Lydia was upstairs in the Head Of Household bedroom trying to work on Jessie. That’s when Natalie walked in and Lydia called her out. There was no denial on Natalie’s part, which brought a weird connection between the group. After trying to convince the Athletes that she shouldn’t be sent packing, Lydia brought up Braden and Jeff as potential targets.


After their chat with Lydia, Russell went up to the HOH bedroom. Jessie said that back dooring Braden would be a genius idea so they could get a power player out of the game early. But when Ronnie got wind of the new plan, he went and told some of the other people and warned Braden.

Russell caught on quickly, though. He noticed a change in Braden’s attitude and suspected the secret plan had been spoiled. So Russell asked Ronnie if he was the person responsible for the leak. Now, Ronnie is absolutely a very likable player, but he is an awful liar. He looked nervous and intimated as he lied to Russell’s face about the situation.


Of course, Russell didn’t buy his story one bit.

Russell Saves Lydia

In a not-so-shocking move at the Veto Ceremony, Russell used his power to remove Lydia from the chopping block. Jessie then stood and nominated Braden for eviction. Amazing. The guy who has done nothing negative in the house yet has become the new target. Crazy how things change in the Big Brother house.

But here’s the interesting part. It seems more people will be on Braden’s side when it comes to the vote than Chima’s. Maybe the first pawn of the season will be speaking with Julie Chen outside of the house sooner than she expected.

Who will be the first person evicted from the Big Brother 11 house? Find out this Thursday night.


Images by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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  1. jmgbritton Says:
    July 15th, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    I absolutely agree. I cannot stand Russell. I am finding myself root for just about anyone as long as they get him our. He is such a jerk.


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