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The Bachelorette: Wes Hayden Blames Bad Boy Image On False Editing

July 14, 2009 11:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Wes Hayden was a broken record (albeit a very successful record in Mexico) when it came to denyinggirlfriend rumorsonThe Bachelorette. However, when he finally got booted off the show, Wes’ limo confession has been used as fuel to further ignite hatred for this almost cowboy. Wes spoke with a local Austin, Texas radio station after his elimination to clear his name and set the record straight…

Wes spoke with the Bobby Bones Showlast Tuesday. As far as speaking out against the restrictions of his contract, Wes said: “I kind of feel like all gloves are off right now… I don’t care — the contract that I signed to go on that show was very, very thick. They said ‘Hey, we can use your likeness as we see fit, that helps the needs of the show, okay.’ And there’s like clauses, like mental distress, and using you in ways that is untrue to your character, and this is that. Basically when you sign up for a show like this you pretty much relinquish every right that you have. And I can understand them taking me and basing their ratings around me — because they did it for eight shows, and they never let up from the day I set out of the limo [on the premiere episode].”

So will we see him next week on the Men Tell All show? “They want me on the reunion show but I am scared to death to go on there and open my mouth and I told them that,” Wes said. “I said ‘Look, if I trusted y’all I would go on the show.’ But there’s no telling what they’re going to make me out to sound like. If the show was live — like we’re sitting around right here — and it was live to tape [I'd go].”

When confronted about the rumor that Wes and ex-girlfriend Laurel agreed to hide their relationship so that he could promote himself on the show, Wes added: “”What kind of guy, No. 1, would go on with a girlfriend as well?” Wes said. “You know what, I wouldn’t have gone on if I had a girlfriend and made-out with a chick. And I definitely wouldn’t have said last night ‘Let’s hang out in the fantasy suite.’”

And in regards to that tragic last date that the viewers watched with awkward anticipation last Monday, Wes said that was edited as well. “The end of date that we had, it didn’t end like you saw it on TV. It was actually a very good date that we had,” hetold Bobby.”It wasn’t like that at all. We sat there and had dinner for about an hour and a half and we chatted, we laughed, we BS-ed each other.”

“And when I left, I remember telling Jillian, ‘We’re buds, right?’ [and] she goes, ‘Oh yeah. We’re more than that, Wes.’ And I was saying ‘Okay, because that’s the most important thing to me is our friendship, and that we’re honest with each other.’ I told her I didn’t have a girlfriend. The actual conversation was based around was I here for my career or not.”

Finally, Wes said his comments about “having fun in Spain” were the end result of a long, stressful conversation. “I rode around in that limo for over three hours, man. With the [air conditioning] off because the noise was messing with the mics and the sound. So it was hot, it was miserable, And I remember finally I said, I just started drinking — I was like ‘You know what dude, I’m going to at least enjoy myself for the last time that I’m here, I’ll never be in Spain again.’”

So what do you think – sleezy scumbag or charmingly misunderstood?

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