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Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: Candy Spelling Vs. Tori Spelling

July 14, 2009 09:23 PM by Britteny Elrick


The whirlwind continues on tonight’s episode of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, as Tori Spelling kicks off her Mommywood press tour. This time, Tori brings the whole family with to help hermaintain sanity as she faces questions about her weight and worst of all her mother, Candy Spelling. Drama continues between Tori and Dean when she discovers that Dean sold his motorcycles. Darn that Dean for always trying to please his wife.

Tori Spelling is packing to set out on her national book tour for Mommywood. When the doorbell rings, Dean wants to know what is being delivered and Tori tells him a huge motorcycle. Sike! Tori ordered a white baby grand piano for their living room, which is something Dean has always wanted albeit not as much as his bikes.


Mehran stops by and Tori lets him get the first look at her new book, considering he is mentioned several times. Later on, the family has a photo shoot, but Dean was drooling a bit from his dental work earlier that day. Tori’s friend stops by for a little girl talk and they discuss Tori’s mom’s recent press tour and the fact that she always brings up the kids. She’s worried about the questions she’ll receive on her own tour. Tori packs up the family and they head to her first media event, her book release party. Immediately, she is grilled about her mom, Candy Spelling, writing open letter to the press saying she’d like to get in touch with Tori. Oh, how endearing…


All the sudden, Tori is told there is an unidentified guest causing a stir and trying to get into the party. When Tori goes downstairs, she realizes it’s Daniel Nguyen her #1 fan! She said, “Oh, it’s fan Dan!” Crisis averted. Patti Stranger, Millionaire Matchmaker, shows up and Tori’s reality TV obsession causes her to freak out with excitement. She tries to get Patti so set up her single OBGYN. After Tori whines to her friends about her mother for a bit, the family leaves to go pack for New York.


Tori’s first stop is the Today Show, where she faces more tough questions regarding her weight and her mom. The day continues with back to back radio interviews and accusations of either anorexia or immaturity in dealing with her mother. Finally, she is able to get away from the grind and meet her fans at some book signings. Later that night they head to another book release party. The next day, Tori and Dean head to an Us Weekly luncheon, where they fraternize with the enemy. They end up having a really good time and joking about all the ridiculous rumors. Then it’s off to yet another book signing, where Mehran surprises Tori with his presence.


At last, the happy family travels home. When Tori goes out to the garage to ask Dean a question, she discovers the bikes are all gone. She’s upset that he didn’t consult with her about selling them because she didn’t want to be the reason he quit. Dean is confused, but Tori doesn’t want him to resent him forever…(but he probably will). Oh Dean, when will you just stop trying to do the right thing?


Later on, the family attends the very first event for the Mimi La Rue Fund, in honor of Tori’s late dog. The fund will help injured animals. The evening, which ended with a cheesy Mimi tribute video, was a combination of heartfelt and completely ridiculous. The episode ends with Tori getting an offer from her publisher to possibly write a children’s book. Oh, the empire continues…

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