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So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Perform

July 15, 2009 07:05 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Perform with different partners and a different way to be eliminated as no longer is it all about couples but individuals as America now pretty much have their say as to who will win it all. OK, America, now don’t screw up.

Host Cat Deeley said that a guy and a gal will leave tomorrow night but that the judges no longer will make any decisions. Nigel said it would be difficult as he liked the control but was confident in America’s decision in the end. Guest judge Debbie Allen was on the panel tonight and said that three of her top guys and gals were still in the competition.


The Top 5 girls did a Bollywood routine to showcase their individual talents not so much for us to judge as they were great as a group, but to have fun watching, I guess. They did have it all going on I must admit and the talent was certainly oozing on the stage. The judges loved the routine and Nigel said that they looked awesome together as a group.

Another change in the Top 10 were that everyone would do a solo, which means nothing except it is a way to fill airtime and to better feel the love for your favorite dancer.


Kayla picked Evan for the first couple pairing and they had a Waltz to contend with for their first outing. Evan may be short but he certainly has a great personality which gives him a tremendous likeability factor with America. The couple had some fairly impressive moves and the judges seemed to think they looked strong together but needed to take it to another level, more Evan than Kayla and then Brandon did a solo.

Ade and Janette were paired together for this week and had a Hip-Hop routine with Tabitha and Napoleon for their first outing and said that in rehearsal they had trouble with funk. On stage, however, it didn’t seem like the funk was missing and it certainly helped to have Janette’s clothes be peeled off during the routine. Nigel loved the routine and Mary said it was funky and Debbie added that they “Wore her out”" and that the routine was amazing and then Randi did her solo, which I actually enjoyed watching. Oh, heck, I would enjoy watching Randi dance anytime.


Kopono did his solo and then the next pairing of Jeanine and Jason were the next to strut their stuff by Season 2 Travis Wall who was choreographing the duo in his first routine on SYTYCD. The Wall routine was a contemporary routine that seemed to play to the strengths of the pair and it was sexy, if nothing else. The judges were on their feet for the couple and Nigel said that it was fabulous work by both of them. Mary gave them a first class ticket on the “Hot Tamale Train” and said they were stars. Poor Debbie Allen had to follow Mary and said that it is no longer a competition but a show that has evangelized dance around the world.

Melissa did her solo as did Evan, who really did look like a Fred Astaire clone and finally, Kayla gave us a taste of her individual style before we got to see Kopono and Randi dance couples for the first time. The two did a Russian Waltz and while it was not the best for the duo compared to what has transpired so far, the judges were pretty much on the same page. Nigel hated Kopono and said there was no chemistry and Mary echoed Nigel’s comments. Debbie Allen finished off the carnage by saying that they just didn’t look like they trusted each other and then Ade did a solo.


Jeanine and Jason did their solos to squeeze out the votes from America and then the final solo we were treated to was from Janette before a Broadway routine finished up the couples dancing for the night from Melissa and Brandon. Tyce Diorio’s Broadway show, Hair, inspired routine was different, if nothing else as peace and love was everywhere. Brandon continues to inspire and the pair was enchanting on the stage. Nigel said it was fantastic and Mary said it was unbelievable and Debbie Allen said that it was so in harmony and that they were seamless together and Janette finished up the solos for the evening with a little Miami flavor.


The final routine of the night had the five guys doing a Jeffrey Page routine together for our entertainment pleasure before the lines were thrown open for the night. With the dancing that went on tonight, the weakest was definitely Kopono and Randi, although Randi as been a favorite from the beginning with the judges and America, so it will be interesting to see who goes tomorrow.

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