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Big Brother 11: Big Battle Before First Eviction

July 16, 2009 08:30 PM by Ryan Haidet


The first live eviction of Big Brother 11 brought a big battle between several contestants in the house. But the main thing about tonight’s episode is that it brought a few things to the forefront — I realized Braden is brash and mean, Lydia can’t contain an argument, Ronnie is making dumb decisions and Russell is actually playing brilliantly — yes, even I can admit it. He truly is the Mastermind Meathead. So far, at least.

After the Veto Ceremony and Lydia was taken off the chopping block, Braden said he noticed a change in her. He felt that she was the person responsible for stabbing him in the back and targeting him to be the replacement nominee.

Jeff also took Braden’s nomination personally. He felt this was his own Athlete clique’s way of taking a shot at him since he can’t be eliminated when they are in power. Jordan, another close pal of Braden’s, was extremely emotional about the whole thing. “I think me and Laura without him are going to be a hot mess.”

Russell Stirs The Pot

In the kitchen, Russell solidified Braden’s feelings about Lydia saying it was definitely her who put the target on his back. In doing so, Russell took the negative attention off of himself and placed it all on Lydia. And it worked. Russell successfully stirred up Braden’s emotions and sparked a huge argument in the backyard.

Even though I don’t really like the guy, I have to give Russell credit tonight. He got Braden to start yelling at everybody else, which did nothing but guarantee people would vote against him. Even though he was acting as a “friend” toward Braden, he was simply working his magic. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

Biggest Fight Yet Hits

For major fans of the show who subscribe to the live 24/7 Internet feeds, they were ready for the big battle that was captured a few days ago between Braden, Lydia and Kevin. But what aired instead was a watered-down version of the fight.

It all started when Braden went in the backyard and sat down next to Lydia and Kevin. He called Lydia out for targeting him as soon as his butt plopped down on the ground. But then when she tried to defend herself saying that she didn’t suggest him as a new nominee, Braden lost control.

But let’s evaluate before getting to the substance of the squabble. Lydia absolutely did mention Braden as a target while she tried to save herself during her plea in the Head Of Household bedroom. So that was a lie. But, it’s a game where lying lurks around every corner.


Braden called Lydia a skank after she denied his allegations. He quickly stood and started to walk away, but not before dragging Kevin into the fight. As they stood to argue back, Braden tossed water from his drinking glass at each of them. After a short verbal spat, the pair stormed back into the house while Braden rested near the pool

But what really happened? If you’d like to see, there are plenty of clips of it on YouTube, just keep in mind there is some strong language and vulgarity in the content. The real reason Kevin and Lydia got so fired up was not because of his accusations that he was the new target, but because of his sexual and racial comments. He called Kevin a “beaner” and even at one point told him to do something rather inappropriate with a banana.

Lydia Drags More Houseguests Into The Fight

The biggest mistake Lydia made in this whole situation was immediately dragging Jordan into the mix. She went in the house and yelled at her for being an ally with somebody like Braden.

A few moments later, Jordan was extremely upset that Lydia had tried to pull her into the drama. She said that she didn’t deserve to be thrown into the middle of it when she did nothing wrong.


Then the attention turned to Jeff. When he walked into the house, both Lydia and Kevin were upset with him because he was still friends with the brash name-caller. “What do you want me to do, drown him?” In Jeff’s defense, it did show in the video that he told everybody to not take the fight to the level they were heading.

Trying To Oust Chima

Jordan wanted to change the game up because she was really close to Braden. She wanted Laura, Ronnie, Jeff, Michele and Casey to all vote in one block and blindside Chima. That would give them a seven-person alliance, which gave them stronger odds at winning the next HOH. Laura was on board and ready to get the bully Athletes out of the house. Ronnie was the first person they approached. He said it seemed like a good idea and felt he could control Michele’s vote.


But would it work?

Eviction Time

Prior to the live eviction, each nominee was given the chance to plead their case. Braden said that everybody in the house is incredible and he apologized for anything he had said. It was a pretty lame way to beg for mercy. Chima’s speech was far more satisfying. She said, “A vote for Braden, is a vote for a bigot.” She felt that anybody who aligned themselves with Braden, whom she dubbed a racist and a misogynist, deserved to be targeted next.

The votes, which came next, showed how truly divided the house is and how absolutely stupid Ronnie is. Here’s how the votes fell:

  • Russell: Braden
  • Natalie: Braden
  • Jeff: Chima
  • Jordan: Chima
  • Kevin: Braden
  • Laura: Chima
  • Lydia: Braden
  • Michele: Chima
  • Casey: Chima

It all came down to Ronnie. After already lying to the Athletes and making it seem like he was joining forces with Jordan’s group, Ronnie decided to make the vote a tie by casting his vocal ballot for Braden. “I’m going to Hell,” he said as he fought to keep his tears and nerves back.

Big mistake.

With the tie vote, Jessie was the deciding factor and chose to oust Braden.

Braden walked out of the house to the cheers from the live audience even though many people in the crowd may not actually like him — especially after his nasty remarks.


Now the Popular clique is down to just two members.

Ronnie’s Next Big Mistake

In the Head Of Household competition, the houseguests answered a series of questions regarding a poll America had voted on. After splitting himself between both sides of the house prior to the vote, Ronnie went on to win this competition. Although he may have the ultimate power in the game for the week, Ronnie has now put himself in the position to choose a side — with each side having thought he was working with them. My guess is this — Ronnie will try to please the Athletes by targeting Jeff since they don’t like him anyway. That will also keep him in Kevin and Lydia’s good graces. As for his second nominee, who knows…

Images by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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