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The Bachelorette: Jillian Harris Says ‘Reid’s Date Was Bittersweet’

July 16, 2009 09:47 AM by Britteny Elrick


On her weekly blog for PEOPLE, Jillian Harris weighs in on the week’s dates and gives behind the scenes information on what we didn’t see. This week she discusses the overnight dates in Maui and letting Reid go in “one of the most dramatic goodbyes in Bachelorette history.” Keep reading to find out Jillian’s thoughts…

Excerpts from Jillian’s PEOPLEblog:

It’s a little harder to write my blog now that there is less fun, juicy gossip and more deep, heartfelt feelings. How do you put this into words? This week was a hard one to watch â⬔ that heart-wrenching goodbye with Reid, the close-to-inappropriate steamy scene with Ed, (um, did that almost top my hot tub scene!? Yikes!) and me almost barfing on myself on that totem pole with Kiptyn! I have to admit that a lot of feelings came rushing back when I watched the episode this week.

KIPTON: I have to say that my date with Kiptyn was WAY funnier than could ever be revealed on the screen. I just about peed my pants about 10 times that day. The ropes course was definitely the most humbling date I think Kip or I have ever been on. Poor Kip looked like a baby giraffe on those ropes, and I couldn’t catch my breath I was laughing so hard! To make matters worse, there was a continuation of themes on this date. Well, it all started on the western date back in Los Angeles when Kip had to wear very tight chaps. Then on the flamenco date, those pants â⬔ well let’s just say he claims he had trouble zipping them up. So, when we walked up to the ropes course, I told him, “Well, thank God I’m not putting you in skintight pants!” Just then we looked at the instructor and the harness he was wearing and Kip just looked at me and said, “WAIT A MINUTE!!!!” Turns out the harness accentuated that “area” and we howled for the entire date!

REID: Reid’s date was very bitterSWEET (I capped the sweet because it was more sweet than bitter). See, Reid and I had a very good energy together. When we were together, it was like an old high school crush. We rarely worried about the specifics and were always just so flighty together. What you didn’t see was that we actually got a couples’ massage on the beach before dinner. Soooo romantic! I highly recommend it (if you happen to be slumming around the beaches of Maui looking for something to do)!

ED: Now Ed’s date. I definitely have to say Ed and I fit A LOT into that day â⬔ the catamaran ride, cliff jumping and swimming in the ocean, but the best part of the date was not something I had planned , it was Ed’s surprise. I was SHOCKED when he told me he brought his parents to Hawaii. I had been hearing about this Judy for so long, she became sort of a legend to me. I am positive I was more nervous than she was. And how about Ed’s dad and his classic quote “What the hell are we doing here?” That was another belly laugh moment. After all the hometown dates, I will have to say this was definitely one of my favorites. So real.

Again, I have to say that this episode tugged on the heartstrings. I have been blessed with these three individuals who are not only bright, genuine, charismatic, gorgeous and down to earth â⬔ but who respect me and adore me. I can now say with 100 percent conviction that it is possible to fall for more than one person when you are presented with individuals of this caliber.

Thank you again for reading.

Bless you,
Jilly Beans

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