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Top Chef Masters: Jeff Lewis Serves As Guest Judge

July 16, 2009 01:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on Top Chef Masters, we will be watching as master chefs Rick Moonen, Nils Noren, Lachlan Patterson, and Michael Chiarello compete against each other for a spot in the championship round. The chefs will rewind back to season 1, where they will have to create a fine dining meal inspired by junk food. Then in the elimination challenge, they will have to createathree-course meal for 100 people in only 4 hours. Wait, what?

In the quickfire challenge, the chefs must incorporate one of America’s most popular cuisines: junk food. Going back to season 1, the contestants must attempt to create a fine dining cuisine inspired by junk food. The guest judges will be Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis and crew. Oh, crap.

When asked by Kelly Choi why he is such a junk food conoisseure, Jeff Lewis says, “We’re white trash with money.” Lachlan presents a gourmet version of a hot dog soup, while Michael serves a modern version of fish sticks. Nils has a fried shrimp dish with a wonderful presentation, and unfortunately, Rick wasn’t able to complete his dish. The winner of the challenge was Michael with 4.5 stars. Um, the loser was definitely Rick with zero stars.


Kelly Choi informs the chefs that they will each be creating a three course meal for 100 people, including appetizer, entree, and dessert. They only have a total of 4 hours to create the dishes. The chefs are going a bit crazy as they aren’t used to doing so much work without additional help…however, Rick is just hoping to complete the task this time.

First up for the appetizer course is Michael with a shaved brussels sprout and asparagus salad. Mmmm, that is everything I could ever want combined into onedish. The people seem to like it. Next is Lachlan with his fried pineapple and then comes along something completely unpronounceable from Rick. No, really, even if I wrote it out you’d have no idea what it was. Just know that it was fancy, okay? Lastly, Nils creates a scallop in a potato cream. Um, what?


Moving on to the entree, Michael serves up prawns in some sort of impressive sauce, and Gail’s all “this would never be served at a cocktail party because it uses a fork.” Next is Rick with yet another unpronounceable brandade of some sort. Lachlan creates one of the only appetizing dishes on the menu: grilled beet short ribs with a vinaigrette. In fact, the judges loved the salad so much they said it was a shame that wasn’t what he served for the appetizer course. Ouch. Nils cooked a slow cooked salmon that seemed to really impress the judges.

Finally, the dessert course. Lachlan offers them a strawberry tart, Michael serves them balsamic marinated strawberries with basil gelato. Wait, what? Another thing he serves is mixed reviews. Big surprise, Rick isn’t an expert at desserts, but he creates a lemon custard of sorts. Nils makes a chocolate goat cheese ganache, whatever that is, and one person says she is scared to eat another bite.

Now it’s time for the critics to talk with the chefs about all the smokiness and intense flavors their pallets experienced. It’s a riveting conversation that is best not repeated. Trust me.

After the critics have compiled their scores, Rick ends up with high marks and a final score of 17.Lachlan receives only 15.5 stars and is immediately eliminated. Nils scores 17 stars which ties him with Rick. Finally, Michael is given 19.5 stars based on his prawns and crazy basil ice cream. Michael will be moving on to the champions round. Wait, what?

Top Chef Mastersairs Wednesdays on Bravo at 10/9c.

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