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American Idol: The Boys Talk About Life On The Road

July 17, 2009 04:39 PM by Britteny Elrick


Entertainment Tonightrecentlywent backstage with the finalistson theAmerican Idol live tour. Keep reading to find out whatAdam Lambert, Kris Allen, and Danny Gokey had to say about forgetting lyrics and entertaining themselves while on the road.

Unfortunately, Kris Allen had to briefly leave the tour due tothedeath of his grandmother. Now that he’s back on the tour he said,”I have actually done the forgotten-the-lyrics thing. I was singing Heartless and I sang the verse twice. When I started it, I started the second verse, and I started freaking out. I said, ‘Oh, crap.’ But the band started playing along with me. I felt really bad for that show.”

ThenAdam Lambertopened up about what they do to keep themselves entertained while on the road. Hetold ET,“We have been having a really good time backstage with the Bubble Tweet feature on Twitter. Michael, Danny, Kris, Matt and I open up the laptop and we like doing these really silly Bubble Tweets, which is basically a video you can post on your Twitter. That has been a source of endless entertainment. We usually do five takes before we decide on the one we are going to post. It is a little glimpse into us being goofy backstage. It is what keeps us going.”

Danny Gokey seemingly agreed with Adam.”Me and Matt are constantly joking around. We are constantly doing stuff behind the scenes. I think the funniest thing we have done on our Twitter account is Bubble Tweets. They are random and weird. We are like little boys,” he said.

Oh yes. And boys will be boys. You can readwhatthe rest of thecontestants had to say at etonline.com.

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photo credit: Craig DeCristo / FOX

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