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The Bachelorette: Trista Sutter Discusses The Overnight Dates

July 18, 2009 11:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Trista Sutter recently weighed in onJillian Harris’overnight dates on last week’s episode ofThe Bachelorette. On her weekly blog forE! News’Watch W/ Kristin, Trista talked about the final three guys and what they did right or wrong on their dates with Jillian. And yes, she discusses the awkward “naked in the bathtub”and “rubbing oil all over each other” scenes. Come on, Jillian.

Excerpts from Trista’s blog:

KIPTYN: Jillian’s boy time starts with Kiptyn, and on the menu is a rope course as a starter. Not much to comment on other than the cute wink he sent her during the leap-of-faith jump and the genuine support and calmness he offered her to combat her fears. The main course, however, takes them to dinner on a beautiful balcony, and Jillian immediately (well, of what we are shown) puts on a journalistic hat. I love Jillian, and I know that we only see a small percentage of their date, but does anyone else feel like she is more concerned about asking questions than living in the moment?

Don’t get me wrong. Questions, answers and deep conversation are important, especially because of this incredibly unusual dating scenario. For some reason though, it just seems like a job to her, and it makes it less fun to watch (not that I’m changing the channel anytime soon!) Everyone wants to see love happen naturally, not because the guy she ends up with answered all her questions “correctly.”

REID: Whether she is feeling insecure that her fairy tale won’t come true or just wanting to lay everything out on the line, my feeling is that was a bit too direct and a bit too early. Yes, it’s a valid question for someone on that path, but it seemed that the only answer that would make her happy would be him saying, “yes, I’m ready.” If he’s not, that shouldn’t be a point against him, especially if her feelings for Reid are stronger than they are with Kiptyn and/or Ed.

This show is about finding love, and love shouldn’t have to include a ring. I’m all for a bright, shiny diamond if both people are 100 percent ready and love has bloomed, but it doesn’t have to be right away, and it certainly doesn’t have to happen because it’s being recorded for the world to see. If someone gets down on one knee in a couple of weeks and says the magic words, fabulous! But if the wrong guy proposes, it won’t matter if a proposal happened because it’ll be with the wrong guy. One last comment on this date: no clothes in the bathtub? Seriously?! Yes, she could be wearing a bandeau-top bathing suit, but impressions are definitely that there are no fabric barriers under those bubbles. Still rated PG, of course, but would I want my parents watching if I were her? Heck no!

ED: He does get points though for flying in his parents (even if that just meant he asked the producers if they could make that happen). They skip dinner to spend time bonding with his sensitive dad and his kind mom and then meet up for what turns out to be the most dramatic overnight date yet. In addition to the drama of Ed plastering his hair to his head (think he was going for the 2-year-old-after-a-bath look?), we get to sit through the awkwardness of watching Jillian change into something more comfortable, rubbing body oil all over each others legs and then mashing on yet another rose-petal-covered bed. Even worse is the fact that they end up dishing about the fact that Ed should maybe be looking to work with Cialis instead of Nair. [That's an erectile dysfunction drug, for those of you who don't know.] Isn’t this show still on ABC?

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