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Big Brother 11: Playing Both Sides

July 19, 2009 06:33 PM by Ryan Haidet


Overconfidence will kill any strategy in the Big Brother house. And I’m betting that’s what is going to happen to Ronnie the rat. He is playing both sides far too hard and it’s already bringing mixed reactions from the rest of the house. Many of his castmates are wary of him and suspect he is the person who switched on the vote to oust Chima. Instead, he went back on his word to half of the house and voted against Braden, which forced a tie vote and the controversial surfer’s eventual eviction. Ronnie is now out to cover his tracks and keeps on playing both sides. His biggest problem, he won Head Of Household and must nominate two people for eviction, which will force him to choose sides. Probably should have thrown that competition to hide your strategy a bit better.

Ronnie The Rat

Immediately after Braden’s image was the first to fade to black and white, Ronnie went on the defensive and lied about his vote. He promised Jordan that he voted against Chima and pointed the blame at Michele. She better watch her back because so far this season, Ronnie has been using Michele as his scapegoat for absolutely everything. He says he can control her vote and now he’s selling her out when she’s done nothing wrong.


In the pool room, Laura told Jeff and Jordan that she felt their new HOH was the person responsible for flipping the vote. She was right on Ronnie’s tracks. Ronnie came in and stood his ground saying he did not turn against them — lying straight to all of their faces. Moments later, Ronnie the rat joined the other group in the house and acted as if he was on their side, too.

“I know for a fact that Ronnie is a rat,” Laura said. “That rat is the puppetmaster.” Laura felt like he was simply trying to start trouble between the two divisions in the house hoping that they would target each other and that he’d be the one friend to everybody.


Not only did we learn that Ronnie is a complete turncoat, but he is a big fan of Legally Blonde the Musical. In his HOH bedroom reveal, he was given the soundtrack to the musical and was also given a giant bubble wand. This brought some hysterical reactions from the other houseguests. Casey’s jaw dropped at the amusement Ronnie had with the bubble wand, while Jeff thought the whole thing was a bit strange.


Goofy Game

For the second Luxury Competition, the two winners would get to see an advanced screening of “The Ugly Truth.” The group walked out to the back yard for the competition and learned that their host was Dan, last summer’s winner of BB.


In a goofy quiz about the opposite sex (that lasted far too long), Casey and Chima won the right to watch the movie together. Casey wasn’t thrilled about his companion because he felt like she would complain about every aspect. But there was a twist. Not only did the pair win the right to watch the movie, but they were given the task of choosing which clique would be categorized as the Have Nots for the rest of the week. Casey wanted it to be the Athletes, but Chima wasn’t having that. She essentially decided for herself that the Popular clique should be the Have Nots.

A Plan Against Russell

Laura, although she doesn’t trust Ronnie at all, was willing to work on some type of agreement with him. She, Jordan, Casey and Jeff joined the power-hungry rat in the HOH bedroom and talked strategy. Ronnie told them that he felt backdooring Russell seemed like the only option. Great. Not only has he alienated himself from the group he promised to vote with, but now he’s targeting the Athletes who actually seem to like him. What are you doing Ronnie? I know you think this is smart gameplay, but we’re only one eviction down and people are catching onto your strategy.


After all the keys were yanked from the Nomination Box, it was revealed that both Jeff and Laura had been targeted for eviction. But in a confessional, Ronnie revealed that his true plan is really against Russell. He’s hoping the muscular mass will be the next thing to lumber out of the Big Brother house.

Images by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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