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Big Brother 11: Braden Has No Regrets

July 20, 2009 10:06 AM by Britteny Elrick


Braden. What can we say about you? Is there anyone this seemingly charming, but actuallyrepulsivesurfer did not offend? After being the very first houseguest to be eliminated from Big Brother 11, PEOPLE caught up with Braden to ask hima few questions about his behavior in the house…

When asked what he thought his downfall was, Braden told PEOPLE, “It’s called sabotage. Lydia and I were getting along great and she went behind my back to save her own ass. She went and told lies to Jessie and told the whole Jock crew that I was out to take them out and kill them.”

Braden continued to say that he did not regret calling Lidia names. “Absolutely not,” he said.”She’s gross-looking and she does weird things and she hangs out with old men and she’s tattooed from head-to-toe and I think she’s disgusting. I have no respect for her.” What about the water he threw on Kevin when he tried to defend Lidia? “No. He’s flamboyantly gay and you can’t punch a gay guy, let alone push him. I just wanted him to get out of my face. It was like saying, ‘Shoo, button.’”

So why did Chimacall hima “bigot,” a “racist” and a “misogynist” during the eviction speeches if she had forgiven him? “She’s completely bipolar. She goes up and down all day long , She looks at you like she wants to kill you. She’s completely nuts,” he responded.

As far as who he thinks will win this season of Big Brother, he said, “I’d say Casey or Jeff. Casey is a teacher and he’s a genius who is smart and witty and on top of things and respectful. He’s neutral right now and he’s strategic. And Jeff, he’s a well-spoken man â⬔ like a governor. He holds himself very strong and he’s just a tight, all-around guy, so I think he has a chance.”

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