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Dance Your Ass Off: Lock It Down Latin Style

July 20, 2009 11:22 PM by Cindy Adams


The Dance Your Ass Off contestants had to “Lock It Down Latin Style” to avoid a surprising double Dance Your Ass Off elimination this week!

Dance Your Ass Off contestant Milesshook it with his partnerMichelle and did the mambo and salsa to “La Bamba.” Miles did great, but almost dropped his partner at one point. Scary! His average score was 6.3 and he lost 1.75 percent of his body weight, for a total score of 8.05. Overall Miles has lost 18.7 pounds. Wow!


Trice and Jesus danced the samba and salsa to “Suavamente (Dance Remix).” Trice was hot and spicy, and is totally getting stronger. Her average score was 6.7 and her percentage of body weight lost was 2.29, for an overall score of 8.99. To date, Trice has lost 22.9 pounds. That’s amazing!


Alicia and Italo did the cha cha to “Let’s Get Loud.” She has really gotten confident and the judges said she was hot. Her average score was 6.3 and she lost 2.61% of her body weight for an overall score of 8.91. Overall, she has lost 19 pounds.


Ruben and Hilary danced the cha cha to “Sway.” Ruben was hot, hot, hot and looked so strong! He was so good he got two 9s from the judges! So Ruben’s average score was 8.7. Ruben lost 1.63% of his body weight, for a total score of 10.33. He has lost a massive 31.5 pounds!


Shayla and Mario danced the salsa to “Bailamos.” She had a sprained ankle but it didn’t show on the dance floor, as she was on fire. Shayla was so great that two of the judges gave her a 9, for a total average score of 8.7. The total percent of body weight she lost was 2.19, for a score of 10.89. To date, Shayla has lost 14.2 pounds.


Mara and Paul were at odds, but danced the cha cha to “Black Magic Woman.” Danny liked the tension between them and said it made their dance better. Mara’s average score was a 6 and she lost 1.40% of her body weight. Her overall score was 7.4, and to date, she has lost 15.1 pounds.


Tara and Michael danced salsa to “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” Oh my gosh, this was so hard to watch. Although Tara looked radiant, her dancing looked like she was just walking through the routine. Really bad. The judges said she had no technique and bad footwork. Her overall average score was 4.3 and her percentage of body weight lost was 1.85. Tara’s total score was 6.15, and overall, she has lost 14.5 pounds.


Pinky and Brandon went last because they had the lowest weight loss this week.

Pinky and Mr. Lucky danced the salsa to “Pon De Replay.” She was a little awkward in the heels, but did great anyway. Pinky’s average score was 8.48 and her percent of body weight lost was .78, for a total score of 9.26. Since the beginning of the show, Pinky has lost a total of 8.4 pounds.


Brandon and Yesenia danced the salsa and cha cha to “Conga.” Brandon always ends with great lifts! But, he didn’t go full and hard throughout the dance and his score suffered because of it. His average score was 6 and Brandon lost .77% of his body weight. Brandon’s total score was 6.77. Overall he has lost 11.1 pounds.


After all was said and done, two contestants had the lowest score. Tara was the first to be told she would go home.


Brandon was next and it was so sad, because he was crying and really wanted to be there. We’ll miss you, Brandon.


Next week the contestants go Hollywood and dance to their favorite songs from the silver screen,

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