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The Bachelorette: Jillian Harris Can’t Wait To Reveal Her Secret

July 20, 2009 04:55 PM by Britteny Elrick


Recently, Jillian Harris spoke with Ontheredcarpet.comabout how hardhas been tohide the outcome of her decision onThe Bachelorettefromclosefriends and family. She also talked about the infamous Wes and whather future plans involve after this fifteen minutes wears off. Keep reading for full details…

As far as reappearing on TV, Jillian said,”I’m an opportunist and if anything comes my way that has to do with design or fashion and requires to be on TV, I’ll go for it. But my intentions are to go back to designing restaurants and just going back to my regular life. Being on TV has been fun, but I have had my 15 minutes and I’m ready to get back to where I was before.”

Of course, no one can go through an entire interview without asking the “Wes question.” “Everyone on this planet deserves to be happy,” she says, “whether or not they have represented themselves badly, like he did, or not. Truth be told, everything I saw in Wes on TV is a part of what I knew of him, but there was a side to him that I wish the world could have seen. He has been through a lot with his family. He has a big heart. He wants to make a difference. He wants to be different from his dad and his grandpa. He wants to be successful. He wants to be a good man and he was not able to show that side of him.

“All I want to tell people is that hopefully someday he will be able to take that bad side of himself and throw it away and show that good side,” she added. “He does have a good side.”

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