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The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Free For All!

July 20, 2009 07:00 PM by Candace Young


On tonight’s Men Tell All edition of The Bachelorette on ABC, it’s a night of confrontations and revelations as Jillian Harris, Host Chris Harrison, and a group of rejected bachelors reconvene to discuss the season. Wes, predictably, declined to appear, but we will hear the other guys’ candid opinions of him, as well as what they thought of Jake’s return. Bonus material will include bloopers and a re-hash of the ‘man code’ issue between David and Juan! If that’s not enough, we’re also due for a drop-in from The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, and his ladylove, Molly!

Things kick off with Jillian denying to Chris Harrison that Tanner P’s foot fetish bothered her. She says she was totally fine with it, and loved Tanner – someday he’ll make a woman with beautiful feet very happy! Jillian also remarks on David failing to treat her with respect – she hopes he learns from it. She confides in Chris that she wanted to tell Ed to leave when he came back, because it wasn’t fair, but she absolutely couldn’t – she just wanted to crawl in his lap!

The Bachelorette also reveals that Kiptyn has been depicted as perfect – but she found out on the ropes course that he is actually far from that! Chris then asks why she kept Wes around so long – she says he was the clichà country singer that wants to start a family and sit around sipping on beer – she loved that. She emphasizes that there were many red flags from the viewers’ perspective – but not from hers. Jillian says that Wes was definitely there to sell CD’s and she believes he may have had a girl too. Last, she addresses letting Reid go – admitting it was the hardest ‘let go’ she had to do!


Under the category of things we didn’t see, Jillian is shown getting relationship advice from one of the Harlem Globetrotters. He didn’t think Kiptyn was the right one for her – he cheated at the basketball game – and he thought David was amazing! Think he’d better stick to the court!


Drunk moment – between Jillian and Ed. She asks him a whole pile of questions, and he looks at her like a deer caught in the headlights and slurs that she just threw a whole lotta’ words at him! Jillian laughs uproariously, saying Ed is such a happy and funny drunk.

Funny moment – a snowball fight with Mark in which he hits Jillian right in the head – hard! Jillian laughingly says he didn’t mean to hit her that hard.

Awkwardness award – breaking up with Robby and letting him off the train – it actually took about an hour and a half of the train stopping, backing up, and going forward! Second prize – Reid dancing the hula – a sight which Jillian said simply needed to stop immediately!

Sweet stuff – Kiptyn taking Jillian to see the charity that he works with helping children who live on the streets. Jillian meets the director and even some of the kids.

The Bachelor – Jason and Molly

Jason Mesnick and Molly come back to face the television audience for the first time since Jason dumped Melissa for another chance with Molly. Chris Harrison asks about the media backlash of Jason’s decision. Molly says it was horrible, and Jason concurs – it was a much bigger deal than he thought. They revisit his decision. Molly says they didn’t get back together right away, but began getting to know each other again.


As of right now, the only thing that isn’t perfect, Jason says, is that they still aren’t in the same city – Molly explains that they see each other about every other weekend. Separately they tell the cameras that they are totally in love and ready to marry one another. Chris presses the point in person. Molly says there will be a wedding. Jason says they need to get Molly out to Seattle first. Jason also shares that he has started up a website for single parents called Jason’s Place.

It is revealed that Melissa is happy and engaged. Jason remarks that fate has to play out – if he had to take the heat so that Melissa could move on and be happy, and Jillian could do what she’s doing – he’s glad to have done it!

The Men Tell All!

Chris gets the ball rolling by asking Tanner P about staying in the bunkhouse with the other guys. He says it was gross – men burp, fart, stink, etc. Chris says there was bound to be some drama when thirty guys compete for one girl. Camera flashbacks are shown of the guys trashing one another during the show. The first guy under attack is Jake – they say he is uptight and too perfect – probably never even stepped on an ant! The next tidbit that comes out is that Robby was a drinker – not himself unless he had alcohol in him! Wes is the next topic of conversation – the other men concur that he was there for his music. Last, the David/Juan feud is revisited via camera testimonials!

Chris asks Jake if he is surprised about what was said about him. He replies, “That I’m a nice guy? That I’m too perfect? It’s a compliment.” The audience applauds. Mark calls Jake out on the need to see an R rated movie and get on the same level with the rest of them, and Tanner F mentions that he pulled a ‘Mesnick’, which is a grown man leaning over a hotel railing and crying. Jake salvages his street cred to some degree by telling Sascha to ‘F’ off after yet another personal attack! Mike chimes in that Jake wouldn’t say a bad word about any of them. He gets branded ‘The All-American.”


Chris bravely jumps in and asks David about the controversy with Juan. David says he was fake, in the way that he was different around Jillian than he was with the other guys. He also wouldn’t join in their activities or have a drink with them. Chris enquires about the man code. David says that you don’t sleep with another guy’s girlfriend. Chris points out that The Bachelorette seems like the ultimate violation of the man code – they’re all fishing in the same pool!

Juan gets his two cents in, saying that David’s bullying ways don’t constitute being a man. Jesse pipes up and says that it would have been fine if Juan had said he wasn’t a drinker, but he pretended to do a shot and that it burned his throat. Chris wonders why they cared one way or another?! The guys continue to bicker, and Chris says David came off badly because he was so verbally violent about Juan.

Chris then asks if Tanner P violated the man code by tattling. Tanner says that Wes told him he had a girl back home. David says he shouldn’t have said anything if he wasn’t going to say who it was – some of the others agree.

The Hot Seat

David is the first on the hot seat. Camera flashbacks are shown of David and Jillian throughout the season. Chris points out that Jillian felt that he was a little too raw – he made her feel uncomfortable. David denies that she was uncomfortable, and

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