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America’s Got Talent 07/21/09: MySpace Auditions

July 21, 2009 07:50 PM by Paulene Hinds


Over the past five weeks America thought they had seen it all…the good, the bad and the down right crazy, but tonightAmerica’s Got Talent goes to a whole new dimesion. Welcome to the MySpace auditions.

america's got talent new york auditions

For tonight’s auditions the judges had called upon the world’s largest audition site, MySpace and first in the face of the judges was Elvis impersonator El Vegas or Jerry. Piers Morgan had to cover his ears and my dogs began to howl in the next room as he sang! Sharon Osbourne asked him what went wrong and David Hasselhoff was wondering what happened. His Vegas dreams came to a quick end.

The jumping Eagles, Shawn the pretty good singer, Don the Shakespearean actor and Shaunie the glitter sprinkling singer/dancer didn’t make the cut, but were fun to laugh at. The judges could only hope that there would be betterMySpace auditions to come.

The internet has the power to connect millions of people across the world and Ashley was hoping that she would be launched from cyberspace to Vegas with her singing. In the middle of her routine it appeared as if she was having a seizure or calling a wild animal. David Haselhoff thought she was from the Exorcist and I was hoping she wouldn’t spew green puke in the audience. Nick Cannon said take care and say your prayers.


There still wasn’t an act sent through this evening, but the next group was ready to change all of that with their Bollywood act. Ishaara had a lot of energy and finesse on stage and the choreography was awesome. They were heading to Vegas!

The Flash and the oddly compelling Duo Design acrobats intrigued the judges and were going to Vegas. MySpace was delivering the weird, the wacky and the wonderful according to David Hasselhoff.

Next in to capture his dreams was Eddie the Puppet Divas. He brought out Tina Turner the puppet and quickly received three buzzes from the judges. Piers Morgan said that he didn’t know what Eddie was doing besides running on the stage with his hand up Tina Turner.

A group of long time friends came out to perform a tribute to classic rock and roll onAmerica’s Got Talent. Marcus Terell and the Serenades did a great rendition of Hit The Road Jack. Piers Morgan thought Terell was brilliant, but the girls were dragging him down. Sharon Osbourne loved the style and David Hasselhoff gave them a yes right off. They were headed to Vegas.

Everyone was waiting for a chance to shine onAmerica’s Got Talent and backstage Charles the college student was hoping to take the judges by storm with his singing. He wanted to entertain the world and he sure did entertain me and the audience. His smooth vocals and charismatic personality shone through. Sharon Osbourne said that he ticked all of the right boxes and he has star quality. He was off to Vegas.


The MySpace auditions were finishing on a high as Encore, Alycia the stand up comedian, N2UN, the pianist and violinist and Kara and Corey the singer and guitarist put smiles all around.

The final contestant tonight was Heavy Vee the hip hop dancer. She looked like Violet from Willy Wonka after she turned into a blueberry. Nick Cannon came out and tried to help her improve her moves, but he couldn’t even make her look better! They were entertaining for sure.

The judges finished and it was a good day overall. Tomorrow the stage will be set for the final night of auditions with guest singer Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent!!!

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