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America’s Got Talent 07/21/09: Seattle and New York Auditions From Last Week

July 21, 2009 07:27 PM by Paulene Hinds


Last week,America’s Got Talent was pre-empted due to the fire in Detroit, but Don’t fret…we have the recap of the repeat performance right here and right now! In Seattle everybody wants to be a rockstar, let’s see how they did!


It was time to see if Seattle could produce another American legend tonight. Keg was very serious about what he did and music was his prassion. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of Nirvana, and other greats that have come out of Seattle. He sat down to his drum set and began to play and as he threw his drum sticks and picked up the guitar I knew this was going to be a bad scene. I couldn’t believe the judges let him go on. The best part of his performance was his splits at the end. Piers Morgan told him the reason he was the lone ranger of rock was because no one else wanted to play with him. He was given the boot and America’s Got Talent continued to look for talent in Seattle.

Seattle wasn’t off to a very good start as Silvia the singer and dancer was booted off along with Bad the industructible man and the Pink Gorilla.


Thousands were arriving to try out, unaware of the bad start to the day. Kari had always struggled with her looks having to deal with a cleft lip and palate when she was younger. As she took the mic, there was a hush amongst the audience. She even received a standing ovation from Piers Morgan! Her voice was extraordinary! She was the first through from Seattle tonight.

New York auditions were next and they were off to a good start as the fire acrobat, Keith the country singer, and Pixie Mystere wowed the judges.

The singing group Reality was hoping to keep the luck going for New York. Nick Cannon seemed to be enjoying their performance. They sang sit down so many times that I stood up just to get them to change their lyrics. The judges thought that they were too old fashioned and they were voted off.

The next act wanted more than anything to prove that they had what it takes to make it to Vegas. They were hoping for just one chance to show people what they do. Destined danced their way into the hearts of the judges and the audience and they were off to Vegas to follow their dream.

Backstage onAmerica’s Got Talent, the next act was ready to perform her unique act of playing harp and singing. Rashida was at one with her harp. It wasvery sensual the way she strummed it. This was the best audition I have ever seen on this show. It was so sexual and sensual and fantastic. She was heading to Vegas.


Matt and Anthony were hoping that their song and dance act was just what the judges were looking for. Anthony was killing it on the taps as Matt sang and played the guitar. New York was showing some good stuff tonight! Their routine was unique as well and they were going to the next round.

Talent was coming in two by two onAmerica’s Got Talent and heading off to Vegas such as the Argentinian dancers, father/son acrobats and the whipping couple making two a perfect number tonight.


Just a few acts remained and today was a day of highs and lows. Sixteen year old Mia knew all about not giving up on her dreams as last year she made it to Vegas and then was cut. She was back 100% and ready to make her mark. One year had made a lot of difference for Mia. Her voice had matured and she had a much better range. She was heading to Vegas for a second try.

Next Nick Cannon introduced his wife, Mariah Carey’s new music video for her new song Obsessed! It was a sexy song that proved that Mariah still has it!

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Photo Credit: NBC

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent 07/21/09: Seattle and New York Auditions From Last Week”

  1. AZ-Sinbad Says:
    July 29th, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Don’t understand these judges. The group Reality did such a great job. Sometime I don’t think they actually see the the talent. After they were told they did not make it as they were “old fashioned” then another rapper group came on. This group “Reality” had so much more talent than these rappers. All they did was move their bodies and didn’t even move around on the stage. They had no dance steps. then another similar group of kids came on (didn’t care for them either) and they were told they didn’t make it as they didn’t move their feet and dance. SO why was one group who had no dance steps make it when this other group also did not have dance steps and was rejected because of it? I would rather see a group that sings and dances like Reality than this stupid rapper stuff. Never did understand how they consider this music. Nobody who does this has any kind of a voice and they make no sense whatsoever. That stuff is not music. These judges are not qualified to judge talent shows. They need people who have been in the music business and can themselves sing. The judging by the public is also flawed. Unless people are limited to 1 vote apiece then this just boils down to politics. The person or persons who knows more people who will vote over and over again will win. Its always been the same. Before they ever had voting by phone it was mailing in your postcards for your choice. If you didn’t buy enough postcards to give out to people then the person who did buy enough was the winner. Been there, done that. Even though the host of the show gave me a compliment on the air which was never done in those days I just did not distribute enough postcards.


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