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Big Brother 11: More Dumb Moves

July 21, 2009 07:51 PM by Ryan Haidet


Ah, Ronnie. You continue to amaze me. With your foolish moves and attempts to please those who intimidate you. You seem to just keep on doing what the Athletes ask of you, which will likely be your ultimate demise in the Big Brother house. Tonight’s episode simply solidified that you aren’t playing the game for yourself.

After Ronnie nominated Laura and Jeff for eviction, the group was now absolutely certain that he was playing both sides. Laura took partial blame for the situation and said she fell for Ronnie’s lies. In the Have-Nots metal room, she got emotional and said she felt like the only person smart enough to beat him in the house. She and Jordan then embraced in a tearful hug. “This house is a nuthouse,” Jordan said.

Russell On The Rampage

Ronnie went outside and joined Laura where he asked her to fight for survival because he has a master strategy — one in which both she and Jeff can stay. But Laura felt like he was simply lying again because he hasn’t been trustworthy yet in the game.

Moments later, Russell, who is suddenly sporting the mustache of a 70s porn star, freaked out on Lydia. She had simply made a comment to him regarding what they were chatting about in another room, which made him fly off the hinges. He stormed off angry and left Lydia in the dust wiping her tears away.


Up in the Head Of Household bedroom, Ronnie gave her a hug and tried to comfort her. “He can’t tell me what to do,” she said. “This isn’t the Russell show.” She was motivated and ready to backdoor the muscular mean man.

Raining Coins

After a random draw, the six participants in the Veto Competition joined in the backyard to see the Big Brother Mint had been installed. This was a really cool challenge that involved trying to collect the precise amount of change within a specific time period from piles of coins. In the first round, they had to gather $100 worth of quarters. Ronnie was the first eliminated because he was more than $500 off.

Round two they had to get $75 in dimes, which resulted in Laura’s elimination since she was the farthest from the target.

By the time the final round rolled around, Natalie had opted out in exchange for a slop pass, which left only Russell and Jeff. After a close battle of the brutes, Jeff pulled away with victory.

Backdooring Russell

After the Veto Competition, Lydia, Kevin and Chima joined in the HOH room. That’s when a new plan started unfolding. Ronnie asked them to all backdoor Russell. “No matter what, we can’t go back on it.” Ronnie felt if he went ahead and put Ronnie on the chopping block that everybody had to stay solid on the plan. Ronnie told Laura the strategy and forced her to swear that she wouldn’t target any of them if she won HOH. But Laura felt like she didn’t have to keep true to any word she gave him since everything he’s done in the game thus far has seemed like crap. Good for you Laura! Play it right back! Stand your ground!

Everything was looking promising — Russell was likely about to place his butt in the nomination seat.


When Natalie and Jessie were clued into the plan, they questioned the strategy. Jessie said he would support them, but he felt like this was a mistake. Chima and Lydia were really pushing to target Russell.


Backing Out Of Backdooring

At the Veto Ceremony, Jeff obviously removed himself from the chopping block. That’s when Ronnie stood up and chickened out on his “master plan.” Instead of targeting Russell, he decided to put Jordan up as a replacement nominee instead. Wow. What an idiot! Once again, Ronnie makes the move to keep the Athletes happy. He is their fiddle. They tell him what to do and he delivers. It seems to me he is just trying to fit in with them instead of playing strategically. Doesn’t he get it?!?!? Russell and Jessie are going to take him out as soon as they can. So now he has enemies all over the house.


Images by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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