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Dating in the Dark: Series Premiere

July 21, 2009 10:01 AM by Cindy Adams


DatingIn The Dark leaves singles clueless about who they’re datingâ⬔and asks if love is truly blind.

Dating in the Dark brings together three single men and three single women who meet in complete darkness and infrared cameras film their interaction. Over four days, they live in separate wings of a huge house with no chance of seeing each other outside of the darkroom. At the end of the episode, they choose the one partner they want to see revealed. If they want to see them again, they meet them on the patioâ⬔but if they don’t like what they see, they walk out the front door. Ouch!

There are no cash prizes and no eliminations.Dating In The Dark’shost is Rossi Morreale, who has hosted some other cable shows, but nothing noteworthy.


Stephen is first at the house. He’s an SAT tutor and says he’s a genius.Stephen is31 and wants to meet a woman with a good waist to hip ratio. What?


Seth is an audio visual designer and says he usually just picks the hottest girls, but honestly, he’s not anything to write home about and could stand to lose a few pounds. Seth is 31.


Allister, was born in England and is a DJ. He was the hottest guy there, but had a really sad upbringing as his mother left he and his twin when they were babies. Allister is 29.


The women enter their wing of the house next. Christina is 28 and a marketing manager. She said she has no problem getting guys (whatever), but wants more substance.


Melanie is an assistant to a color and design consultant. She was raised by a single dad and is 31.


Leni is from from Melbourne, Australia and is a nanny. She says guys like her boobs. Please! Leni is 27.


The singles enter the dark room to mingle and exchanged names, careers, and inane chit chat.


Next, everyone had to hand over their clothing so the men could smell the women and the women could smell the menâ⬔pit stains and all. Then, Rossi revealed who went with what piece of clothing.


The singles then got to pick one person they could invite via computer to the dark room.
Leni invited Seth and they shared a beer. Stephen and Christina chose each other because of their scent. Yuck! Melanie chose Stephen but no one picked the hottest guy, Allister. Allister picked Leni, but she didn’t really like him. If she only knew what he looked like!

Next based on pre-interviews, a 50-page questionnaire, and the opinions of experts and psychologists, the show matched each single. They would have to spend time with their compatibility match, but could also spend time with anyone else they wanted.

Seth and Christina were paired and on their date he brought a putter. Sexyâ⬔not! Christina must have had fun because she gave him a big wet kiss.


Allister and Melanie were paired. They really seemed like soul mates and he shared his childhood story with her. They really had a great connection. But I still can’t figure out why Melanie wore her glasses in complete darkness?!?


Stephen and Leni were paired and all he wanted to do was make out with her when she was asking him about marriage and kids. Whoa Stephen!


They all tried meeting with others in the dark room, but it just didn’t work. Their compatibility matches were really right on as far as personality.

Each had final dates and a then professional sketch artist was brought in to sit down with each single, whodescribed whatthey thought their compatibility match looked like. Leni made Stephen look like superman, but the guys’ sketches looked uncannily like the three women.


Each chose their compatibility match to see in the light.

Leni saw Stephen first and she was none too happy, but Stephen loved the way she looked (guess it was those boobs).



Seth was blown away by Christina, but she was totally disappointed by Seth.

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2 Responses to “Dating in the Dark: Series Premiere”

  1. lenimex Says:
    July 21st, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Oh hey Cindy….Im Leni….from Dating in the Dark. Just curious: where you say “Leni says guys like her boobs….Please!!” are you implying that that hasn’t been my experience?
    Or that my boobs are not, in fact, attractive?
    See: when taping the show, they asked “what do guys find attractive about you?” I answered, truthfully, “my sense of humor..that and my boobs.” Cause well Cindy, I’ve been dating GUYS and guys tend to LIKE boobs. Has no one informed you?
    If I had say, long lustrous black hair, I might have said “Um..they like my long hair.” But that hasn’t been my experience.
    So. Let’s all just go ahead and discount your snide little “Please!” and assume that I in fact know more about my experience of what men have found attractive about me, than you do.

  2. Cindy Adams Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Leni: Thanks for your comment and I meant no disrespect to your “boobs.” Although I’m a straight, heterosexual female, I can still say that your “boobs” are aesthetically pleasing and many women would be envious of them. I certainly understand that men adore breasts–I just found the comment a bit superficial, since the entire idea behind ‘Dating In The Dark’ is to try and find a mate by exploring personality outside the physical realm. There is certainaly more to a woman than her “boobs” and that is the only reason I made the remark. I hope you’ll keep reading and thought you were great on the show. Peace. Cindy Adams


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