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Hell’s Kitchen Season 6: The Most Over-Confident Bunch Yet

July 21, 2009 07:46 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen seems like it has just crowned a winner of Season 5 but as they say on the show, “And now the continuation of Hell’s Kitchen.” Each season seems to bring a bolder and more confident bunch who thinks they can handle all that Chef Gordon Ramsay can dish out, however this season there seems to have more than the usual aspiring chefs that seem to think they can actually challenge Chef Ramsay in the process. Good luck with that! Even Jean-Phillip got into the act by telling the aspiring chefs they needed some tips to possibly get ahead in Hell’s Kitchen and proceeded to have various chefs from past seasons tell what not to do.

Always with a flair for the dramatic, Chef Gordon Ramsay, appeared on a giant screen and told the assembled chefs to go and prepare their signature dish for him to eventually spit out and say that it is horrible. The chefs ran to the kitchen and were already in a feisty mood as Chef Ramsay told them that they were in the running for a head chef position at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

The girls were against the guys for the signature dishes and Chef Ramsay was already spitting out food in disgust and not rewarding points because of the utter disgust of the dishes. In the end, the men edged out the women for the first victory of the season and the ladies had to clean the kitchen while the men were getting to sample Chef Ramsay’s food from one of his restaurants. Unfortunately the guys drank a bit too much and didn’t learn the recipes needed for the service for the re-opening of Hell’s Kitchen.


The Red Team, the women, were already screwing up as Lovely was cooking food before the doors were even open. With more dishes on the menu and more chances for the chefs to screw up, Chef Ramsay was yelling as soon as the first order was placed.

I have never seen as much as confusion on an opening order with both teams screwing up royally. A surprise had big Robert, who had a heart problem from the last Season and had to drop out, coming in for dinner but Chef Ramsay was looking at giving him a chance to return to the competition, which would be fun to watch because he cook probably out cook most of the chefs.


Our first Chef who disappeared from the kitchen was Lovely who decided to leave her station to drink some water. Oh, this is going to be a great season! Chef Ramsay threw out Louie completely from Hell’s Kitchen when he found the diner cook had wasted about 5 pounds of meat at his station. Chef Ramsay found no possibilities in Louie and was quick to rid himself of Louie’s lack of culinary skills. Good, now in comes Robert.

The poor diners were left out in the cold and Chef Ramsay shut the kitchen down and went out and asked Robert to return back to Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay then told the chefs that they were the worst bunch ever and that the woman lost and told the women to nominate two to go home.


Melinda and Amanda were put up on the chopping block fairly quickly by the ladies. Chef Ramsay seemed not to disagree with either of the picks and asked each of the two to plead their cases but with not much to go on, sent Melinda home because she wasted so much food during the first service and then sent Robert to the Red Team to help them out.

The Second hour had the chefs trying to re-coop from the horrendous first night’s service after we saw Melinda go home and Robert was immediately giving the girls valuable tips to give them an edge in the kitchen.


The chefs then had to clean shrimp to impress Chef Ramsay in ten minutes and the chef with the most would win points rewards for their team. The woman had forty-four acceptable shrimp to Chef Ramsay and the men were delivering impressive numbers to begin with, but fell off in the last couple of chefs. With one chef left to go for the men, Jim had to only have two clean shrimp to win another victory for the men. Jim became the hero as his last shrimp squeaked by and gave the men their win and the ladies were sent cleaning shrimp for the rest of the day and the men off to Newport Beach to party.

Robert was leading the women and Kevin was trying to take a leadership role for the men. Van was sent to the front of house as was Tennille to help with front-of-house service as a table-side scampi server. Tony was struggling with cutting grapefruits for gosh sakes and Joseph’s pissy attitude was getting on everybody’s last nerve as that guy was wound just a little two tight.


Lovely was having her own problems as she didn’t turn on her oven to cook and Tony had trouble with the scallops. Robert was a bit rusty and struggled with his culinary skills and Jean-Philippe and Van were struggling to communicate as the foreign Texas language was tough for JP to understand. It even came to blows as Van and JP looked as if they were going to have a throw down right there in Hell’s Kitchen. Sweet!

Tennille told Chef Ramsay she was six tables behind and the blue team seemed to be pulling ahead until Andy at the chicken station started to bog the men down. Even Sabrina was struggling with the chicken for the women and Tony continued to look as if he didn’t belong in the kitchen.


From there both kitchens seemed to just dissolve into mass hysteria and Chef Ramsay finally had enough with them all and said for all of chefs to just serve shrimp cocktail because it required no cooking and then shut the kitchen down.

Chef Ramsay told each of the teams to choose two chefs and it looked like Tony and Andy were the weakest for the men and Lovely and Tennille were looking to go before Chef Ramsay, but with the fighting that was going on between the teams, it was hard to tell who was going up.

The women finally decided to send Tennille and Lovely and the men sent Tony and Andy and Joseph finally decided not to answer Chef Ramsay and then threw a fit and said “He was no bitch” to Chef Ramsay and then wanted to fight Chef Ramsay and then we got a “To Be Continued,” So we don’t know if Ramsay and Joseph decided to fight it out or not.

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