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The Bachelorette: Chris Harrison Says Jillian Harris Is As Happy As She’s Ever Been

July 21, 2009 10:11 AM by Britteny Elrick


Beloved host of The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison, weighs in on last night’sMen Tell All episode. On his Popwatch blog for EW.com, he talks about the real reason behind M.I.A. Cowboy Wes, David’s apology, and too-perfect-for-his-own-goodJake dropping the “F” bomb. He also lets us in ona few behind the scenes secrets. Keep reading for full details…

Excerpts from Chris’ blog:

Let’s talk about this week’s special, Men Tell All. I will be honest, I didn’t expect a whole lot from these guys. First of all, guys rarely hold grudges for very long, and this show is shot eight weeks after the taping has concluded. Secondly, guys are like goldfish. Sure we get mad but two seconds later we’re distracted and we forget and move on. This wasn’t the case with this group of guys. This show got out of hand in a hurry. I mean, come on. Did anybody ever expect Jake to throw out an “F” bomb?

JAKE: One thing you didn’t see was after Jake, the guys spent about 20 minutes crushing Juan. This I found hysterical. Basically, what it all boiled down to was Juan wasn’t like them, didn’t act like them, drink like them, dress like them, or talk like them. This was just more than these guys could handle and they let Juan have it in the house and on the show. It was truly like stepping back into high school all over again. Only this time, instead of wanting to be like the cool kids, I just really felt sorry for them. As my wife put it best, it’s shocking many of them are still single.

DAVID: I do want to talk a bit about David. Enough was said about this ridiculous “man code” on the special, so I’m done with that. I have to say I was very happy and a little impressed that he apologized to Jillian about the way he acted. Although it was a very heartfelt, sincere apology, the problem is to this day he still doesn’t understand what he did wrong. He doesn’t get that you just don’t treat women like that and you certainly don’t put them in that position. There were so many times during the taping where I found myself trying to teach these boys life lessons. Damn you guys for that. Look I had a great time in the frat house back in college too, but it’s time to stop worrying about who’s doing shots and maybe worry about being a decent human being. Damn you for making me get on a soap box. I’m going to fake a shot and continue.

WES: Before I wrap up my thoughts on this episode I have to once again deal with Wes. It is my hope that these will be my final words, as in the end he didn’t really amount to much on this show or in Jillian’s life. I saw in last week’s comments that Wes declined coming on the show but then asked to be on only to be turned down. That is all true, but as usual with rumors too much of the truth has been left out. Wes did originally decline coming on the show. At the eleventh hour he had a change of heart and wanted to be on the show. Why the change of heart? With Wes there’s always a scheme and it didn’t take long to figure it out. Wes had called several of the guys (I’ll let you guess who) to make sure they would back him up if he came back and only then did he call and ask to be back on the show. My opinion was I’ve heard enough B.S. to last me a lifetime with this guy. He doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of Jillian’s life so there’s no reason to put up with any more of his Texas sayings and shenanigans (love that word). On the other hand I was very sorry Reid couldn’t make it. He’s a great guy who I enjoyed getting to know this season. Jillian also loved him and I hope to be able to bring him back on the “After the Final Rose” special next week so we can get his side of the story.

As you heard Jillian say at the end of the show, she’s as happy as she’s ever been. I can’t wait for all of you to watch the end of this season.

Stay tuned next week as Jillian chooses between her final two bachelors! For the entire blog, please visit EW.com.

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