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Tori And Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: Guncles Get Married

July 21, 2009 10:52 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight is a jam packed episode of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, as Tori Spelling finalizesdetails for the Guncles commitment ceremony in Palm Springs. In the meantime, she decides to surprise Dean with a motorcycle, although he justsold them all because Tori kept crying about how dangerous they were. On the other hand, Dean surprises Tori with an upper armtattoo the size of New Hampshire, which is supposed topay tribute to his love for the family. Nevermind the fact that Tori is featured as a fish on said tattoo.

Tori Spelling is stressing over the Guncles commitment ceremony andreception, which she is helping plan. She makes a presentation board full of ideas and color samples to show them. Of course, they loved every idea all the way from the square cake to drag queen DJ, Lady Bunny.


Since Tori has started making her own baby food, she has some people come out and help her plant a garden. I use the word “help” loosely, as she really didn’t do anything except ask questions. After that, Tori and Dean get ready for Bravo’s A-list awards. Tori actually ends up winning for her autobiography sTORItelling and in her acceptance speech, she ever so gracefully thanks all the people who didn’t believe in her.


Dean surprises Tori with a spa day with her best friends, Kim and Mehran, while he stays at home with the kids. The next day, Tori surprises Dean with a new motorcycle. What the? Seriously, people. She tells him she wants him to continue getting his license and she’ll support him all the way – even though she doesn’t actually support the idea. Um. We aren’t the only ones who are confused because Dean doesn’t know what to make of it either.


The Guncles take Liam to test cakes for the big day. Meanwhile, Tori starts packing for the trip to Palm Springs for the commitment ceremony. Dean is MIA for the entire morning and she is starting to stress. Finally, he strolls in and tells her to close her eyes. He reveals a tattoo the size of his entire upper arm that represents the family. Tori is a fish or something and he’s a lion and the kids are some other creatures… I don’t know.


The clan arrives in Palm Springs and Tori checks out the location. They are very concerned with the heat levels and the fact that there are no canopies. Dean presents the Guncles with a pre-wedding gift of thongs for them to wear at the ceremony.

As the guests are filtering in, Tori’s zipper breaks on her dress. She puts on her one and only other dress, and it’s too long. The stylists are frantically trying to cut and hem it, but the Guncles are freaking out. They are all late to the ceremony, and Tori keeps tripping on her dress. She eventually falls flat on her butt, but don’t worry they got plenty of pictures of it. Oh look – here’s one now.


After the ceremony, they do all the reception stuff…toasts, cake cutting, crying. Finally the drag queen DJ shows up and gets that party started. Tori gets a little bit sentimental when she realizes that her kids aren’t close to her family. She tells Dean that she’s decided to invite her mom to Stella’s first birthday party. Tori is hoping that this will wipe the slate clean and give them an opportunity to start over. Dean, however, is against the idea because he doesn’t want to see her hurt again.


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