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America’s Got Talent 07/22/09: Final Night Of Auditions and Susan Boyle Interview

July 22, 2009 07:23 PM by Paulene Hinds


For the past five weeks America has witnessed the greatest talent search on earth. Tonight it is the final audition show and America’s Got Talent has saved the best for last.

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After the cross country talent search America’s Got Talent is giving us one more chance to find talent in the beautiful USA. The last shot is taking place in Los Angeles and thousands of hopefuls had turned up for a final chance to show that they have what it takes to win the million dollar prize and a chance to perform in Vegas.

First inwas a group of best friends who have been dreaming of this chance for their whole lifetime. Growing up was rough for these guys and theywere hoping that their performance tonight would be the first step to get out of their small town. Break8Skate were roller skating breakdancers and they set the theatre on fire with their routine tonight. Piers Morgan buzzed them, but the audience was thrilled with them. They were off to Vegas even without Piers Morgan’s vote.

All across the country the talent was on a roll with Mosaic, the Lollipop girls, Recycled Percussion, Jeffrey the pianist, SQ Entertainment and Koshka the singer all heading off to Vegas.

Everyone was lining up for the last chance to make it to Vegas and that included 8 year old Ciana who started singing when she was 4 years old. She shocked the judges with her vocal range and unbelievable talent. Even her showmanship was way beyond her years. She was definately off to Vegas!

Next up was someone who has dedicated his entire life to singing. Jojo the choir director was going to go out and sing like he had never sung in his life and he knew that the judges would have no other choice but to pick him. Oh Lord Jesus please help this man see that his God given talent is NOT singing. His gift was not enough to get him past the judges.


The Lockard brothers, Inara the classically trained singer, The Comedy Circus guys, and Franklin the inept magician unfortunately followed in Jojo’s footsteps tonight and were buzzed off the stage.

After weeks of travelling across America looking for talent, the auditions were coming to an end and the final act tonight was a young group of men named the Beale Street Flippers. Their act was very unique and the control they had during their flips and turns was awesome. They flipped out the audience and the judges too as they were flipping incredible! They were off to Vegas.

It has been an incredible journey for all of the contestants who auditioned this season and America’s Got Talent has given people hope and a chance to live their dreams! Next week the Vegas round begins and it will be packed with all of the highs and lows that we have come to expect from America’s Got Talent.


Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent gave a special interview tonight and she talked about how indescribable her journey has been. She was the baby of the family and when her mother died two years ago, she gave up on singing until she realized that singing wasthe best way to honor her mother and that is how she found herself on Britain’s Got Talent.

She knows that her mother would be proud of her today, but it hasn’t always been roses for this singer. She had a shakey night on the second Britain’s Got Talent show and was alsoaccused of hitting a photographer. Susan Boyle wasn’t the winner of Britains’ Got Talent and all of a sudden her rise to fame became overwhelming and she entered a hospital for a few days of rest.

Today Susan Boyle receives standing ovations each night of the Britain’s Got Talent tour and her first album is being recorded.

Tonight she was sent a video message from Donny Osmond and she said that he was one of her main influences. Her main idol growing up was Elaine Page and Elaine Page came out and met her tonight, making Susan Boyle speechless. Elaine said thatSusan had a glorious voice and was thrilled to meet her.

Three months ago Susan Boyle’s dream seemed unfathable, but today her dream is real and she never wants it to end!

Next week America’s Got Talent heads to Vegas only on NBC.

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