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The Bachelorette: Trista Sutter’s Take On The ‘Men Tell All’

July 22, 2009 02:30 PM by Britteny Elrick


Trista Sutter is at it again on her bachelorette blog for E! News’ Watch With Kristin. This week she discussed the Men Tell All episode and some of the controversial comments made by the bachelors. Keep reading to get Trista’s take on all the drama!

Excerpts from Trista’s blog:

WES: The one I most wanted to get her take on was Wes. She confirmed what most of America believes, including myself, that he was there 100 percent to sell his CD. She didn’t say 99 percent or that she was “pretty sure,” but 100 percent sure. Only he and Laurel knew the full truth about his relationship status going into the show, but what Jillian left no doubt about was that he used her and the show for his own selfish career gain. Now, I don’t know her personally, but I will say that I believe Jillian to be of strong mind and character. Because of that, I can pretty much guarantee that she wouldn’t just say those words to make the producers happy. I believe her. I believe Jake. I also continue to believe that Wes is a snake in the grass.

DAVID: Did you not learn anything about how horrid your words and actions look to America when you watched yourself this season? Doesn’t seem like change is in your near future, although I had hopes.After the alpha-male banter (as Jake put it), David gets a smack at the infamous hot seat. He continues to show his true colors (think lots of gray and black!), but the part that stood out the most to me was that he thinks it’s a compliment to tell a woman she has a great ass after a month of knowing her. That may be true after a couple of months or years of marriage, but all we hear when those disrespectful words come out of your mouth is that you see us a piece of meat. Meanwhile, Juan points out that everyone was in the same situation. The fact that you were cooped up with a bunch of guys shouldn’t be an excuse to be a belligerent jackass, David.

HER FAVORITEHIGHLIGHTS: Sasha’s description of Jake, saying he’s probably had the same haircut since he was 6 years old.David: “As far as I’m concerned, that’s as bad as it gets,” referring to Tanner telling Jillian someone had a girlfriend. So let me get this straight. You think that coming onto the show with a girlfriend is better? Tanner’s just the messenger, though I still don’t think he was right to put it out there and not follow through. David saying that Juan should “go drown himself.” And everyone thought my “filth of the earth” comment about Wes was bad!

Tanner F. saying that Jake “pulled a Mesnick,” which is when a grown man leans over a railing and cries, aka Jason Mesnick. Genius. Chris pointing out that being on The Bacheloretteis a true violation of David’s warped man code and then backing up Juan saying that he has no obligation to explain himself to David for not doing a shot. “Who gives a crap” is right! Thank you, Mr. Harrison! Tanner P. explaining that Wes winked at him that he had a girl back home and David saying “everyone has a girl back home.”

Stay tuned next week as Jillian chooses between her final two bachelors! For the entire blog, please visit eonline.com.

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