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Big Brother 11: Popular Clique Down To One

July 23, 2009 06:39 PM by Ryan Haidet


Backfired. Ronnie’s attempts to manipulate the entire Big Brother 11 house have exploded right in his face. The guy who claims to be a great debater and a master strategist has finally found himself on the outside. After a leak of lies exposed Ronnie for what he truly is — a lying, scheming rat — the once-divided house saw eye-to-eye for the first time leaving the bespectacled backstabber all by himself.

Too Many Lies

It all started after he had asked a group of his allies to join together to oust Jordan instead. But that’s not all he tried to do. In that same discussion, Ronnie wanted to throw Russell under the bus. He told everybody that Russell had promised Laura that he was going to work his hardest to keep her in the game.

But that simply wasn’t true.

It seemed that nobody believed him — especially Natalie. So to solve the dispute, the group went and asked Russell if the allegations were true. After Russell denied any connection to Ronnie’s story, the group called the power-hungry Head Of Household down for a chat.


In the backyard, Laura told Ronnie that it wasn’t right for him to keep spreading lies. She quickly got emotional and said she never asked a single player for a vote on her behalf. But Ronnie wasn’t backing down. He said that he wasn’t going to let them place him on the spot, and he never confirmed nor denied their accusations.

This was a pretty poignant moment. I believe Ronnie finally realized that his double talking, stupid strategy and constant bad lying was digging him inches closer to being six feet under in the Big Brother game.

Rat Locked Up

Since the confrontation, Ronnie locked himself in the HOH bedroom. Although viewers didn’t see it, I’m betting he kept entertained with his soundtrack of Legally Blonde The Musical and his giant bubble wand. OK, maybe not. But I just couldn’t resist from writing that he was actually excited that Big Brother had given him those gifts when he won HOH.


He was finally forced to leave his self-induced solitary confinement when producers asked him to go to the Diary Room. When Russell heard this, he rushed to get close to Ronnie so he could just push on his nerdy nerves. The instant Ronnie set foot outside his locked bedroom, Russell unleashed his annoying antics. He followed him around the house asking what it felt like to be the next target. “I’m going to torture Ronnie all night long,” Russell said in a confessional.

Admittedly, I haven’t been a big fan of Russell’s this season, but what he is doing to Ronnie is actually very amusing. Ronnie had this coming and he should have known it. Hopefully Russell’s irritating moves will put Ronnie in an even-worse light so he is the next person to walk out the door. “You should’ve sent me home when you had the chance,” Russell said. “You blew it.”

Popular Means Nothing In Big Brother

Among all that drama, there was still an eviction. Jordan and Laura — both of the Popular Clique — had been placed on the chopping block. One of them was about to follow in the footsteps of Braden, also of the Populars, who was the first evicted contestant.

After everybody entered the Diary Room and voiced their opinion, Julie Chen revealed that Laura was eliminated by a vote of 8-1. Natalie was the only person who voted against Jordan.


When it came time for Laura to leave the house, she couldn’t hold back her tears as she gave everybody big hugs — everybody but Ronnie. He stood near the back of the living room as she said her goodbyes, obviously ashamed and scared of all the trouble he started for himself.

It was sad to see Laura go because she had potential to be a great player.


Another Athlete Wins HOH

In a skeeball-like competition, Jessie proved to be the most successful as he won HOH for the second time this season. As Ronnie handed the HOH key off, he looked nervous about the week ahead. Russell has obviously had enough of Ronnie’s garbage (as have I) and will likely campaign hard against him. But if Jessie even needs one ounce of convincing to target Ronnie the Rat, he truly is a Meathead.

Ronnie, may the Force be with you. You’re gonna need it, pal.


Images by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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