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So You Think You Can Dance Celebrates Their 100th Show And Loses Two

July 23, 2009 07:55 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance has its momentous 100th episode with a special episode that will feature a dance by Katie Holmes, some recaps of some of the memorable performances of season’s past and, unfortunately, a dismissal of two of the Top 8 bringing it to the Top 6 with just two more weeks away from the big finale. Pretty good for a show that Nigel thought wouldn’t last a season.

Host Cat Deeley was looking exceptionally glammed up as she introduced the 100th episode and the group did a Broadway number from Mia Michaels and the judges were a bit nostalgic as they talked about the past 100 episodes. We then witnessed some of the highlights of the last five seasons and got to see some great and not so great dance routines that have inspired us and made us laugh as well.


We saw a quick recap of last night performances and quickly got into who was safe and not-so-safe. The girls were out and Melissa was first to be declared as safe; Kayla was certainly a star last night but was first to be announced in the bottom two. Janette and Jeanine were left and Cat announced that Janette was in the bottom two for the first time this season and it will be tough to see either of them go home.

A Season 3 routine from Wade Robson, the Hummingbird and the Flower, was danced as the guys prepared themselves for what America had to say next. Cat called the guys together and Ade and Jason were teased a bit and Jason was told that he was in the bottom two for the guys. Evan and Brandon were the next two and it would be surprised if Brandon was in the bottom two, but America is fickled as Even went to safety and we saw the infamous “Bench” routine from Travis and Heidi that garnered Mia Michaels an Emmy as the group prepared for their solos.


The four danced pointless solos as their fate was already sealed and we got to see the popular group performance from Wade Robson and pals called the Ramalama that excited everyone as we got ready for Katie Holmes.


Finally we got to see Katie Holmes strut her stuff and it was well worth the wait. If all you have ever thought of Katie Holmes was as Batman’s girlfriend or the wife of Tom Cruise, this performance probably put those thoughts to rest once and for all. The woman certainly had the dance moves and the voice to match. Who knew? It was easy to see her as a star on Broadway and as a spokesperson for the Dizzy Feet Foundation.


Finally, the Top 6 was set as we watch Janette and Jason leave the competition in what was a bit of a shocker as nobody really expected the two girls, Kayla and Janette, going up against each other. Jason certainly was the obvious choice between him and Brandon to go home as Brandon is a natural powerhouse that will probably carry him far in the competition.

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