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The Fashion Show: America Has Spoken

July 24, 2009 12:52 AM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight is the big night as America will crown the winner of The Fashion Show.  Last week it was narrowed down to Anna, Daniella and James-Paul, who presented their collections after working on them for ten weeks.  Keep reading to see how it all went down and who is now the winner of The Fashion Show season one!

All of the designers reunite with the judges.  They talk about how they are doing since the show and Andrew says he’s been selling tons of clothes. For some reason, the deem him the “PantiChrist.”  They show a recap of Reco’s journey to the final four.  Isaac tells Reco that he has a very loyal fan base and that people were going to boycott the show because they cut him. Fans also asked if all the judges were smoking the same crack pipe when they decided to choose James over Reco. Everyone is laughing and joking, but Reco is straight up serious.  He says, “I know how TV works.”


Then they move on to Daniella’s slideshow.  The judges inform her that the fans think she’s somewhat of a bitch. She doesn’t care. Then they show clips of Merlin and Johnny’s “decoy” collections that were presented to the press. They ask Johnny if he is finally ready to fess up to copying the Maggie Gyllenhaal formal dress.  He actually admits that “it was pretty bad.”


Now it’s time for Anna’s journey. All of the designers chime in and say how much they liked her collection and admired her work.  Then they actually get to the good stuff and show the designers bad-mouthing each other’s designs behind the scenes. 

Finally, they show clips of James-Paul’s time on the show. Surprisingly, alot of the designers loved his collection and feel that he is edgy and unique.  That’s true, but I still wouldn’t wear one solitary garment.  Then out of nowhere, they have a segment on how no one can interpret what Merlin is saying through his accent.


They bring out Glenda Bailey, Editor of Harper’s Bazaar.  She tells all the designers that she respects their passion and that she offers free guidance to them any time they need it.  Then they show a collage of the judges’ favorite moments – a.k.a. criticisms.  After that, they announce that James-Paul’s dress sold more than anyone’s on Bravo.  I’m sorry, what?

Out of the final three designers, the judges choose Daniella’s as their favorite collection. She receives $10k.  Glenda tells her that she has several designers she’d like to introduce her to, and Daniella starts overheating and rapidly fanning herself.

First, they announce the third place winner: James-Paul, who only received 19% of the votes. The winner will receive $150k and will have their collection sold on bravotv.com. The lucky lady, receiving %56 of the vote, is Anna!

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