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Big Brother 11: The Rat Escapes

July 26, 2009 06:35 PM by Ryan Haidet


Ronnie the Rat has been unearthed as the person responsible for chewing a rift in the house. And like a team of exterminators, the once-divided house seemed ready to get rid of the rodent. “Seemed” is the key word here. Turns out that Russell’s nasty treatment of Ronnie was all gameplay since the two had made a secret alliance. Jessie also said he didn’t feel compelled to nominate Ronnie for eviction because he never lied to him. Wow, what a mess. Just when it seems Ronnie might be slammed in a rat trap, a glimmer of hope appeared from those with power in the Big Brother house.

Just because the majority of the Athletes were confident in keeping Ronnie around, some of the other houseguests were still on the path to get him out. Casey said people are too quick to forget the amount of pain Ronnie had inflicted on the house. Jeff and Jordan were also tired of all the trouble he had stirred up.

Jessie’s Girl Drama

Up in Jessie’s new Head Of Household bedroom, there were pictures of his family and one of his motorcycle, which revved up Lydia’s engine. This relationship has become pretty dynamic. Both Lydia and Natalie have a big crush on him and it’s apparent that there is jealousy on each side of the situation. Natalie doesn’t like it when Jessie gives Lydia attention and vice versa.


Some of that drama was obvious when Lydia cuddled with Jessie in the hammock. She said that her feelings for Jessie were that of a kindergarten crush. But that love-fest came to a quick halt when Lydia stepped inside to get another drink and Natalie took her spot. Lydia returned to find Jessie giving Natalie a massage.



Michele Makes A Move

The most-forgotten player so far this season — Michele — went up to the HOH bedroom to chat with Jessie and Natalie. Yes, I know. Brace yourselves, because this is a shocker! Michele actually talked some strategy for once. The brainiac offered Jessie a loyal vote for the week in exchange for safety, but he felt a tad unsure of her footing in the game. He compared her to a horrible car salesman because everything she says “means a whole lot of nothing.” Obviously, Meathead wasn’t sold by her brainy offering.


Take a deep breath now. Shock is over. I know it’s hard to handle.

Cocktail Weenies And Cabbage

In the Haves and Have Nots competition, only one person from each clique competed (obviously because the Popular clique has already been reduced to one player). It was a goofy battle of keg-like go karts, giant fake ice cubes and beer goggles. Need I say more? Not really…


After it was all over, the Brains had lost the challenge and were set to be the Have Nots for the week. That meant the metal room, cold showers and slop. But because America felt so generous throughout the last week, they voted on an additional dish for the Have Nots to chow on — cabbage and cocktail weenies. Once again, Ronnie never ceases to amaze me. Just like his reaction to receiving the soundtrack to Legally Blonde — The Musical, he was thrilled with the tiny treat. “I love cocktail weenies,” Ronnie shouted with joy. This is when Chima couldn’t help but notice that she was on a team of dorks — that statement only coming about two seconds before the most geeky laugh on the planet! Yikes!


Rat Out Of The Trap

At the Nomination Ceremony, Meathead left the Rat free and instead placed Michele and Jordan on the chopping block. Awesome thinking — targeting two players who have shown zero strategic play in the game thus far.


Amazing job, Meathead. I hope Ronnie ends up being your demise in the game. As for you Ronnie, you have dodged one of the biggest bullets in Big Brother history.

Images by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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