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Dance Your Ass Off: Lights, Camera, Dance!

July 27, 2009 10:50 PM by Cindy Adams


Tonight, the Dance Your Ass Off contestants dance to classic Hollywood tunes coming from some of the biggest box office hits!

The twist was that each Dance Your Ass Off contestant was assigned a specific dance style, movie, and song from that movie to dance to.

The first to boogie on theDancy Your Ass Off stagewas Shayla and Mario dancing hip hop to “Low” from the movie Step Up to the Streets. Shayla was excellent. She even jumped over her partner. She hit it hard and Lisa Ann gave her a 9. Her average score was 8.3 and her percentage of weight loss was 2.60, for a total of 10.90. To date, Shayla’s lost 19.2 pounds and it shows!


Pinky and Mr. Lucky tapped their way through “Shout” from the movie Animal House. She was great, but doing the tap dancing looked really hard to do. The judges liked it and her average score was 6.7. She lost 2.35 percent of her body weight for an overall score of 9.76. Pinky has lost a total of 12.6 pounds since the show started.


Miles and Michelle danced jazz to the song “Fame” from the movie with the same name. This was really hard to watch. Miles and Michelle were way out of sync and it looked more like an aerobics routine than a dance. Not good at all. But Miles did give it his all, so I have to give him credit for that. The judges agreed it was bad and Danny hated it with a passion. Overall, Miles’ averages score was 5.3 and his percentage of body weight lost was 2.48, for a total score of 7.78. Since the beginning of the competition, Miles has lost 24.7 pounds.


Mara and Paul danced the tango to “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” from the movieWedding Singer. Mara really got into the tango and was hot, hot, hot! The judges loved it and her overall score was 7.7. Her percentage of body weight lost was 2.03, for a total score of 9.73. Overall, Mara has lost 20.1 pounds.


Ruben and Hilary strutted their stuff doing the fox trot to the song “Old Time Rock and Roll” from the movie Risky Business. It seemed really hard to do that dance to that song, but Ruben was a trooper and the judges liked it. His average score was 7.3 and the percentage of body weight he lost was 3.64, for a total score of 10.94. To date, Ruben has lost a massive 41.8 pounds. Fantastic!!


Trice and Jesus danced Broadway style to “All that Jazz” from the movie Chicago. Trice used her jazz hands to the max and was awesome. Her technique was a little off, but her performance made up for it. Her average score was 7 and Trice lost 1.55 percent of her body weight, for a total score of 8.55. Overall, Trice has lost 26.8 pounds.


Alicia and Italo had to dance jive to “Maniac” from the movie Flash Dance. The outfits were absolutely hideous, but Alicia put her heart and soul into the dance and even rolled around on the floor. The judges loved the happiness she brought to the dance. Her total average score was 6.7 and the percentage of body weight lost by Alicia was 1.76. Her total score was 8.46 and to date, she has lost 23.2 pounds.


Although Trice and Alicia lost the least amount of weight, Miles ended up with the lowest score and went home.


Don’t miss the next episode when the contestants swing their way across the dance floor and the number one dancer gets a much deserved phone call home,

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Photo credit: Oxygen Network

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  1. innerjuju Says:
    August 3rd, 2009 at 7:10 am

    If Alicia starts that crying one more time I’m going to commit hari-kari. Talk about being all for effect….


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