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So You Think You Can Dance: Exit Interview With Jason Glover

July 27, 2009 01:09 PM by Britteny Elrick


Janette Manrara and Jason Glover wereeliminated from So You Think You Can Dance last Wednesday night based on lack of viewer votes. Each couple had performed a solo routine, two couple routines, and a group number. Keep reading to hear what Jason Glover had to tell reporters after leaving the show about his triumphs, his regrets, and his inspiration…

In the questions you had answered on the Website, you made a couple references to Michael Jackson. Kind of tell us a little bit more about how much of an influence he was on you early and then if you could, describe the day that you guys had to dance that night and you learned he had died shortly before you went on.

J. Glover:Michael Jackson, for me, was probably the biggest inspiration in for me dancing. I started watching him, God knows when, when I was a little kid. My mom used to play tapes and videos and I just used to stand in front of the TV and mimic his movement. For me, that was a big blow and definitely the night of the show that we had to perform in, I found out earlier in the day.

One of the dancers told me and it kind of sucked because I had just gotten out of a massage and I was walking down the hallway. Phillip Chbeeb actually came up and told me that he passed and that was really hard. I think I kind of shut down the rest of the day because for me, that was my idol, that was my inspiration, that was the reason why I started dancing.

So it was very personal for me and I think not only me, but the rest of the dancers there took it hard as well because he was such an influence on the entertainment world, especially dance. We wouldn’t have half the dances we have now if it wasn’t for his influence. So yea, that was very hard.

I loved both of your routines this week, especially hip hop. I was wondering if there’s anything you thought you could have done differently to stay in the competition or if you’re satisfied?

J. Glover: I don’t think that I could have done anything better. I think that certain things could have been done differently, definitely performance-wise with certain dance routines but I think I was pleased with the whole process. It did stink staying in the bottom as many times as I was, but I think that just proves how much I wanted to stay, fighting every week to stay in the competition. Overall, it’s been a great experience and I couldn’t have asked for more. I didn’t even think that I would get to this point so I’m just really happy right now.

And you were pretty emotional when the announcement was made. How big of a surprise did you receive? Especially you got such good reviews the night before with the hip hop routine. Were you really shocked?

J. Glover:To be honest with you, as good as I felt performing my routines the other night, I was not shocked. I was at peace with it. I think I got emotional because of what I had accomplished up until that point. I didn’t think I would even get there so of course, watching the videos doesn’t help in the tear department. But I was happy.

Can you tell us maybe your dream dance job. What would it be after the show? After the tour and everything.

J. Glover:Dream dance job. To be honest with you, anything. Just as long as I’m dancing, that’s the only thing that’s important to me. Later, down the road, I’d like to get into choreography. I’d like to choreograph. Maybe, hopefully the show might bring me back and have me do a duet. That would be amazing. You never know. It’s funny me and one of the other contestants, Janette, we were talking about maybe choreographing together.

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