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The Bachelorette Season Finale: Jillian’s Choice!

July 27, 2009 07:01 PM by Candace Young


Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette on ABC, begins with Jillian expressing how excited she is – she is bringing Ed and Kiptyn home to meet her parents, and this is the week a proposal might occur! She begins by meeting Ed, who makes another fashion statement in a pink pinstripe shirt. Ed starts their date by once again reassuring Jillian that his failure to perform in the Fantasy Suite, was merely due to nervousness! Will Ed have another terrifying experience as he meets Jill’s parents? Read on,

At her parents’ home, Jillian and Ed are greeted by her sister, grandmother, father, and mother, Peggy, who is still bearing some leftover scars on her daughter’s behalf from her appearance on The Bachelor, where Jillian was rejected by Jason Mesnick.

Ed takes the hot seat and fills Glen and Peggy in on the sordid details of how he left Jillian for his job, and how he subsequently pleaded with the producers to come back when he found himself overwhelmed with feelings for their daughter. First to get Ed alone, Peggy informs him that she had 76 questions for Jason Mesnick – she only has 66 for him! Ed swallows hard and starts the final exam! At the end of the grilling, Peggy huskily tells Ed he gave good answers – there’s a moment where it looks like she might jump him herself! Peggy later tells Jillian she approves of Ed.

Ed, meanwhile, takes his Bradyesque charm out to the backyard to work on Jillian’s father, Glen. Dad winds up saying he’d do somersaults if Ed proposed to his daughter. It’s not long before Ed is sporting a coconut bra and doing the hula with the Harris clan!


Next up is Jillian’s date with Kiptyn. She kisses him hello and politely tells the camera that their physical chemistry is through the roof! Kiptyn is ushered into the house and hugs everyone in greeting. Peggy tells the camera that it may seem ideal – to have this choice – but her daughter is truly having difficulty with it! Jillian tells her family about her initial physical attraction to Kiptyn, before Peggy hauls him off to face her rather daunting question list. Afterward, she says Kiptyn has a similar energy to Jillian.

Jillian, meanwhile, corners her grandmother, who is completely overwhelmed with the idea of choosing between the two men. Jillian weasels it out of her though – it’s a slight edge for Kiptyn. In the backyard, Kiptyn finally stumbles when he can’t quite answer ‘yes’ to Glen when he asks if he’s in love with Jillian yet.

Next up on The Bachelorette, Jillian sits down to get the scoop from her family. Dad is rooting for Ed, who was very up front about his feelings for Jillian, but the ladies like Kiptyn. The women argue that both men are in for the long haul – Kiptyn’s just more cautious! Jillian takes her sister outside and admits she still has reservations about the physical side of things with Ed after the debacle that was the Fantasy Suite date.

The next day, it’s time for Jillian’s last date with Ed. Naturally, they go up in a helicopter. They make out in the air over a volcano – Ed notes how ‘hot’ things are getting! When they land, it’s raining, and Jillian leads Ed into a forest, which she then declares to be ‘rainforesty’. In a gazebo-type set up, Ed tells Jillian she is perfect for him. Ed excitedly dons his infamous green eighties shorts and they go swimming in a lagoon.

At the Fairmont that night, the big question looms, “Will Ed be able to rise to the occasion this time?”


Jillian meets Kiptyn the next day. They go speed boating, and Kiptyn tells the camera that he needs to let Jillian know that he sees a future with her. She, in turn, tells the camera that if he feels as strongly for her as she does for him, the sky’s the limit! After speed boating, Jillian awkwardly straddles Kiptyn on a long board while he paddles blindly! He looks forward to telling her his feelings that night.

Up in the suite later, Kiptyn admits to being stressed out over the choice she has to make – he would be very upset if he lost her! He finally tells Jillian that he can see a whole future with her. In the spirit of totally going for it, Kiptyn even goes so far as suggesting that she should come and live with him in San Diego!

As the morning of Jillian’s ultimate decision dawns, she lets us viewers know that Ed, indeed, rose to the occasion this time around! She calls Kiptyn the perfect package, though, and stresses how difficult her decision is to make.

Kiptyn meets with the jeweler to choose a ring. Ed wakes up and says he already sees them as a married couple – he also chooses a ring for Jillian. She, meanwhile, is back at the hotel doing her manicure!


Jillian and the guys take their separate limo rides to the site of the potential proposal. Chris escorts Jillian from her limo to a suspended dock over a pool, where she will receive each of the men.

Kiptyn is the first to arrive. Chris walks him to the dock, and Jillian watches his approach with a big smile. After kissing her, Kiptyn tells her that he is very nervous, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He says, “I love you.” Jillian tells him she thought he was incredible right from the beginning, and she never thought she would say this, but she’s fallen in love with someone else. She cries and hugs Kiptyn, before accompanying him on the walk of shame to the limo.

Inside his ride, Kiptyn jerks more tears from the audience by crying and fondling the unused engagement ring. Kiptyn, always previously the ‘dumper’, is finally the ‘dumpee’ – he admits his heart is broken.

As Ed’s limo approaches the place where Jillian is waiting, a burgundy taxi van pulls up instead. The previously rejected Reid emerges in casual clothing and shakes Chris Harrison’s hand! He makes his way out to where Jillian is standing and though she is shocked, they embrace.


With a shaking voice, he explains that he came back because he was an idiot before, and tells her that he loves her. A distraught Jillian laments that she doesn’t know what to think – he was so unsure before. He counters that when she sent him away, everything became very clear. After calling him ‘babe’ Jillian holds her head as he drops to one knee and proposes! She pulls him back up and says she needs time to think (okay, how ready is she to spend the rest of her life with Ed if there is any indecision now?) – Reid says he’ll wait.

Jillian goes inside and has a heart-to-heart with Chris, who assures her that she knows the answer in her heart. He easily makes her see that she wants Ed to be her husband. She makes her way back out to Reid. She acknowledges the connection between them, but tells him she really has fallen in love with someone else – and she can’t let him go now. Jillian walks Reid out to the car to say goodbye. On his way back to the airport, Reid says he was too late. Jillian makes her way back to the floating dock and tells the camera she in now 110% sure that Ed is the right man – and he’d better not f***ing disappoint her!

As Ed’s limo pulls up, Jillian waxes eloquent about how perfect they are for one another, and how excited she is to see Ed come up that walkway. Chris greets Ed and takes him to where Jillian is waiting. Ed kisses Jillian, and she beams at him. In an especially romantic move, he tells her how she helped him re-prioritize his life. Ed says he knows that he loves her, but before they can go any further, he needs to know that she loves him. Jillian says she is madly in love with him, and they embrace. She says she has waited so long to tell him that. Ed proposes and she accepts, saying, “Absolutely!” She jumps into his arms after he puts the ring on her finger. Jillian gives Ed his final rose, and he piggybacks her off the dock into the sunset!


The After the Rose episode of The Bachelorette will air tomorrow night!

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