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America’s Got Talent 07/28/09: The Hunt For The Top 40

July 28, 2009 07:41 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on America’s Got Talent, the Vegas verdict began as the competition reached a whole new phase. The judges were on a mission to find the top 40 for the quarter finals out of 160 acts.


The judges had decided tonight to make an early cut and some of the acts were not even going to make it on the stage. The competitors were split into four groups and entered the hanger on the airport strip. The judges entered and welcomed the groups to Las Vegas and then promptly told them that some of them would stay today, while others would be going home. Group A was sent through to the next round along with C and D, while the dreams of group B were crushed. The groups staying were sent off to enjoy the sights of Las Vegas in their limos.

At The Palm Resort and Casino, the acts were sent to a holding area and waited to hear the verdict as to whether they would be moving on. The judges argued as to who they would put through as they re-watched the tapes of the performances.

Nick Cannon invited Keith Johnson a singer and Keith Peterton, the Obama look-a-like in to see the judges at their request. Piers Morgan asked them what it meant to them to be in Vegas. After the two men explained why it was so important for them to be there, Keith Johnson was let go, while the Obama look-a-like was sent through.

Thirteen year old Arcadian was next in to face the judges. He hoped to show the world that you don’t have to be the most popular jock to make it in this world. The judges wondered about his age, but he was sent through to Hollywood based on his talent.

Many other acts joined Arcadian in the top 40 this evening including the David Hasselhoff stalker. Unfortunately one act, the 74 year old retired barber Anthony was sent home. Anthony wasn’t happy about the decision and Nick Cannon told him to try again next year, but Anthony told him that he could be dead next year and asked Nick Cannon to give him a break.


Next in to see the judges were three dance groups Euphoria, Destined 2 Be and Break8Skate. The judges watched all of the tapes and had a hard time to decide who to send home. They provided a challenge for the dancers to take the same piece of music and practice choreography to it for twelve hours and then come back to perform it and the best would go through.

Drew Thomas and his wife Rebecca were up next to find out their fate along with Joseph and his wife. Both performed magician acts during the audition round. Joseph was sent home tonight and Drew made it to Los Angeles.

The contestants were nervously waiting to see the judges. Spiritual Harmonizers the vocal group didn’t make it through tonight, but David Hasselhoff told them that they were a great group regardless. Many other acts went home this evening, especially the dance acts.


Hoping he still had a chance to make it through to the top 40 was one dancer who impressed the judges with his amazing crab walk routine. He was put out of his torture quickly by Sharon Osbourne and was off to Los Angeles.

After the first night, there were two acts left to face the judges. Lawrence the gospel singer and country boy and ex-chicken catcher Kevin awaited their fate in front of the judges. After a difficult discussion, the judges chose to send both acts on to Los Angeles. Both men were very emotional as they left the stage and were excited to be living their dreams.

Tomorrow night on America’s Got Talent, the Las Vegas verdict concludes as the acts are dwindled down to the Top 40 at 9 PM on NBC.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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