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Big Brother 11: Banana Suit & Backdoor Plan

July 28, 2009 07:45 PM by Ryan Haidet


With Michele and Jordan nominated as pawns, some of the house was divided about the master plan. Several thought the real target for eviction was Ronnie the Rat, but Jessie and his cronies had a different scheme in mind — to get the man in the banana suit out of the Big Brother house.

After the Nomination Ceremony, Jessie was trying to ease some anger that people were directing toward Ronnie. He asked Chima, Kevin and Lydia how they really felt about Ronnie and none of them were convinced that having him stay in the game would be harmful to them. Amazing.

He revealed his big idea was to backdoor Casey. But Jordan, Jeff, Michele and Casey had no idea what was actually going on behind the scenes. They all believed Ronnie was still the target.

Truth Or Dare

With plenty of down time in the house, some of the contestants thought it might be fun to play a game of Truth Or Dare. Kevin was dared to cuddle for 10 seconds with Jessie who was snoring away in the Head Of Household bedroom. As Kevin got in bed and placed his arm around Jessie, the snoring beast awoke — and let’s just say he wasn’t very happy.


The next dare involved Ronnie giving Casey a hug for 20 seconds. Ronnie delivered on his dare and embraced Casey in the hallway. As the man-love was taking place, Russell and Natalie couldn’t stop from laughing. But just like Jessie, Casey didn’t think it was one bit funny. He felt like Ronnie had infested his way back into an alliance and secured a safe spot in the game.


Pigs & Bananas

In a messy, muddy Power Of Veto competition, the six contestants (Jessie, Jeff, Michele, Casey, Jordan and Chima) dressed pig-like with tight, pink leotards complete with scrunched up snouts. After they all rolled around in the mud, they had gathered truffles that either offered points or a prize. At the end of the competition, Michele had won the POV, which had her so excited that as she rushed over to get her golden medallion she landed face first into the messy mud.

But there were other temptations offered in the challenge. Each houseguest was given the option to choose an envelope that had something good or bad within. Some contained more points, where some subtracted points. Casey’s envelope held a big surprise — the best one. As his envelope was peeled open, it was revealed that he had to wear a banana suit for the entire week.

That’s not all Casey had won during the challenge, though. He also chose to give the house a margarita party, which he felt was good strategy.

House Gone Bananas

After the POV competition, Casey was called to the Diary Room where his banana suit was waiting for him. When he put it on, the moment was classic and completely hysterical. “It looks like a big pencil,” he said.

When word started spreading that Casey was likely the real target instead of Ronnie, Jeff went in the backyard and tipped him off. “What did I do?” Casey asked. To get his answer, he immediately went to Jessie in the HOH bedroom. “The right guy is gonna go out the door,” Jessie said with a smirk. Casey defended himself and said Ronnie isn’t going to change and would keep on lying for the rest of the game.


At the Veto Ceremony, Michele obviously pulled herself of the block. That forced Jessie to nominate a replacement — he chose the banana-suit wearing Casey.

The third player gets ousted from the Big Brother house live on Thursday night. But that’s not all — there is some “announcement” that is promised to shake up the house.

Images by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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