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Dating In The Dark: Episode Two

July 28, 2009 01:45 AM by Cindy Adams


In this episode of Dating In The Dark, six new singles test their dating skills in a pitch black room, to see if they can find love based on personality alone.

The first Dating In The Dark single was Jason who is 31. He’s a marketing consultant, and said he likes girls who are bubbly. He has a definite Bostonian accent.


Matt is 28, and the next Dating In The Dark single. He is a land development consultant, and is really cocky. This Dating In The Dark single said he doesn’t have trouble finding girls, but can’t find the right girl. He said he puts looks first, but he must have left his own looks behind, because he is definitely not anything to look at himself.


Doug is 31, and a pitching coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. Wow! He’s cute, but the bragging about his great personality and charming manner made him much less attractive.


Megan is in wine school studying to be a sommelier. She will be 32 next month and wants to settle down. She’s afraid of turning into the crazy cat lady we all know. Scary!


Lindsey is 26, is from Boston and is an operations manager. She said she’s tried every form of dating and nothing works.


Chrystee is 32, an actor and a motivational speaker, and wants a man who is spiritual and vulnerable.


Group dates in the dark began and the men pretended they weren’t in the room and scared the women. Not nice! The chit chat began and introductions and first impressions ensued.


Next, the women get to check out the guys’ luggage and vice versa. Of course, Doug went right for the bras! Typical. Chrystee had a Bible in her bag and that scared a couple of the guys. The women were frightened by Jason’s hair straightener, but liked Matt’s clothes.


Individual dates began and Megan and Matt chose each other. Megan fondled his hair and they talked about their romantic past. They really seemed like they hit it off.


Lindsey and Jason, both from Boston, chose each other. Chrystee also chose Jason for a date. Right off the bat she began talking about religion, which was a turn off to Jason.


Doug invited Lindsey on a date and they talked about their families and held hands the whole time.


Next, each was told who they were most compatible with and Megan was paired with Matt; Chrystee with Jason; and Lindsey was Doug’s perfect match.

Doug and Lindsey had the first compatibility date and he brought melted chocolate and strawberries for her. They each took melted chocolate and put it on one another to lick off. Pretty sexy! They got intimate very quickly, which was a little awkward.


Chrystee and Jason went on the next date. She was much more relaxed and wrestled around on the floor with a football and it seemed like they had a great time.


Megan with Matt had the third compatibility date and Matt brought an indoor surf board for her to ride. She got on the board and this allowed Matt to check out her waist and hips to see what shape she was in. They played around a little bit and had a passionate kiss. I still think he’s a bit of a sleaze, but she seemed to love his personality.


At long last, final dates came around and they were ladies choice. The men had to cook dinner and after they ate the women had to give the guys massages.

Lindsey invited Doug and he made her hotdogs and shrimp. She loved the food and gave him a great massage.


Megan invited Matt and he made scallops for her. They were totally playful and teasing each other the whole time. He told her he liked petite blonds and she became worried because she’s not blond and not thin (but she definitely was not fat). She told him he was cocky and threatened to leave, but it was all in fun. She gave him his massage with a few spanks thrown in. Then, Matt rolled over and they really got intimate and touchy feely.


Chrystee invited Jason, who made a salad and grilled chicken for her. She prayed before the meal and he complied. Jason said he enjoyed Chrystee when she was playful, but didn’t really like her serious side. Next she gave him a massage, but nothing spectacular occurred.


Finally, each picked who they wanted to see, and all the compatible couples invited each other.

Jason and Chrystee went into the dark room first. Chrystee saw Jason and looked happy.


Jason saw Chrystee and didn’t look too pleased. C’mon Jason, she’s a cute girl. He told the guys afterward that he was overwhelmed and she’s pretty but her religion is overpowering.


Lindsey and Doug were next and Doug saw her first and looked pleased. But, when he got back to the guys, he was a little mean. He said she didn’t blow him away and she had a bad complexion. What a jerk!


Lindsey saw Doug and thought he was cute and had the nicest smile.


Matt and Megan were last to see each other. She saw him first and thought he was the total package. That’s being generous, Megan.


Next Matt saw Megan and had a strange look on his face. When he was back with the guys he said he wasn’t sure what he was going to do.


The time came for the singles to meet on the balcony if they wanted to continue their relationships. Lindsey went to balcony and Doug took his sweet time, but he showed up.


Chrystee wrote a note for Jason, which she took to the balcony. She waited, but then watched as Jason walked out the front door.


Megan went to the balcony and waited for Matt. Surprisingly, he finally came out and she jumped for joy to see him. They’d make a great couple if he can get over his superficial attitude.


Don’t miss next week, when six new singles enter the house and three women duke it out for one guy! Oh my…

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