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Hell’s Kitchen Lives Up To Its Name As Several Go Home

July 28, 2009 06:45 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen left us with the dreaded, “To be continued” as we saw a potential throw-down between Chef Ramsay and Joseph a brewin’. Joseph evidently wanted to take it outside for a battle royale as he perceived some type of insult handed him by Chef Ramsay, something about being “No bitch.” Apparently, he has never actually watched the show before. Not An exceptionally smart move for someone wanting Chef Ramsay to give him a Head Chef position at a posh resort in Canada but maybe he just doesn’t really want to go to Canada in the first place.

We got into the fight right off as Joseph said he “Was not no bitch,” evidently he was “Not no English major either,” and then got into Chef Ramsay’s face. He then called Chef Ramsay names and was immediately asked to leave by Chef Ramsay and then he could not shut up as he extolled the greatness of his cooking ability to the camera. Man that guy was wound tight.


Tony and Andy were finally singled out by the guys as weak along with Lovely and Tennille from the girls as who else would be leaving. Chef Ramsay heard all of their weak pleas as to why they should stay and gave Tony the boot in the end and sent Robert back to the men.

The chefs were awakened at 2:15 am asHell’s Kitchen was seen on fire, supposedly. It was just a joke from the cagy Brit and then said that both teams were missing preparation and teamwork like firemen and was then to prepare a dinner for the firefighters.


Lovely was her usual struggling self for the girls and Andy was lacking for the men as twenty minutes passed before anything was served. The girls finally pushed out the garlic bread and looked to take the lead for once.

Entrees started flowing for both teams and it looked as though the teams were actually acting like teams with the women pulling out a victory in the end sending them on a day of extravagance. The boys started dropping like flies as two of the guys, Dave and Kevin, went down to injury and were taken to the hospital for ex-rays making the next evening’s service looking bad for the men.


Chef Ramsay made Dave and Lovely waiters for the evening so they could see the way the front-of-house and the kitchen was supposed to harmonize. The orders were in and Van impressed with Rosetto but Tennille, not-so-much with her scallops and the women were hampered, believe it or not, by Lovely as she can’t even work on the floor either. Her Lovely-ness so needs to go home, probably before Tennille.


Kevin, being hobbled by two bad ankles, was clearly taking the lead for the men and Robert lost it for the men in the end when Salmon was not ready in time. At lease the service was done for the first time and, according to the customer comment cards, the men won the night, sending the ladies, especially Arial, up to the loft to nominate two to go home.

Arial nominated Lovely and Tennille as the weakest links in her team and Chef Ramsay was about to send the third person home in the episode. Chef Ramsay said either could probably winHell’s Kitchen and sent them both back into line because Joseph took himself out of the competition and then said that “He was nobody’s bitch” as Chef Ramsay send the Chef’s to bed.

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