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The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose Recap

July 28, 2009 08:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Emotionswere out of control on tonight’s After The Final Rose episode of The Bachelorette. First,Melissa Rycroft stopped by to update us on her life since The Bachelor, which we all know has been nothing short of fabulous. Then broken-hearted bachelors, Kiptyn and Reid, returned toconfront Jillian Harriswith whatever questions were on their mind. After all of that was over, newly engaged Jillian and Ed were finallyreunited to talk about their upcoming wedding plans!

First they bring back everyone’s favorite rejected bachelorette Melissa Rycroft to talk about her life since The Bachelor.Of course, they play the clip of Jason Mesnick dumping her on national TV and then proceeding to hook up with Molly immediately afterwards. Chris asks her what it’s like watching the clip again and she says it’s embarrassing and difficult but she’s gotten through everything quite well. They talk about her stint on Dancing With The Stars, her new fiance, and her job working for Good Morning America. She tells Chris that she feels Jason made the right choice and that it was the best thing that could have happened to her. Ugh. The world is so over Jason.

Then Chris brings Kiptyn out to discuss what went wrong between him and Jillian. Again, they torture the poor chap and show the clip of he and Jillian’s love journey. They cleverly start the clip with Kiptyn saying, “I’ve never had my heart broken.” Come on guys… Chris asks him what that day was like. Kiptyn said he could tell what was coming when Jillian’s facial expression changed – he said his heart dropped at that moment. Kiptyn tells Chris that he can say with conviction now that getting your heart broken sucks.


Jillian comes out to greet Kiptyn and he doesn’t know where to start. He doesn’t seem bitter, but simply asks her what he could have done different. She said there really wasn’t anything. When asked if he had any regrets, Kiptyn says that he doesn’t because when he told Jillian those things, he meant them. In conclusion, Kiptyn says he’ll never stop respecting Jillian.

Now it’s Reid’s turn to be tortured and they show his rejection again. Reid gets very emotional after seeing the clip and Chris brings up the time when Jillian was trying to get Reid to say he loved her. He admits that he wishes he could have just told her earlier. When asked why he decided to come back, Reid says that when he left, he immediately knew he needed to. Then Reid talks about how many hoops he had to jump through to get back on the show. He even mentions the “not so great” engagement ring he had to buy in a hurry, which draws massive “awwws” from the audience. Chris asks him if he feels there is a piece of his life missing and he says that there is.


Then Jillian comes out to talk with Reid. He asks her if when he came back there was any part of her that wanted to be with him. Chris asks him if he regrets going back, and he says no. He looks at Jillian and says that there are a lot of things he could say, but he won’t. She prods him to talk, but he says that it won’t change anything. Chris asks if he still loves Jillian and he says yes. Reid asks if he would have told her he loved her sooner, would it have changed anything? Jillian says she’s happy now and that makes her think that everything is as it should be. Reid in turn says that is all he needs to hear and it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to keep asking questions. UGH. Could this guy be any more amazing. Hello, yes ABC, I do have a nomination for the next Bachelor.


Now time for the happy news – Ed and Jillian. Jillian says that she’s on top of the world, however, she was a mess of emotions before Ed proposed. She wasn’t sure if he felt exactly the same way or not. Finally, Ed reunites with Jillian for the first time since the finale. Chris asks him about his decision to come back on the show. Ed says it was the hardest decision of his life, but he’s never been happier. He tells them that he knew he was going to propose on their overnight date in Spain.

They show the clip of their love story and both of them get emotional. Ed says the morning of the proposal, he didn’t think he was getting picked. Chris asks what the plan is now. They say that Jillian is planning on moving to Chicago with Ed on Sept. 1. Ed says that they plan on getting married within the next 12 months, and they add that their families are on board.

Someone from the audience asks what was the deal with Ed’s mankini shorts. That was mildly inappropriate, but then someone asked if they were having any more “bedroom problems.” You’ll be happy to know that things are going quite swimmingly.

Well, as usual the drama usually doesn’t stop there. Keep coming back for all the latest news on Jillian and Ed’s relationship after the show!

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  1. labiscuit Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    how can there no posts on this?!?!

    don’t you people realize that jillian picked THE WRONG GUY!?!?

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