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Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: Will Candy Spelling Stand Up Stella?

July 28, 2009 11:15 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on part one of the Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywoodseason finale, Tori Spellingis finally back at home with her family after the whirlwind of book tours, TV appearances, fashion shows, and weddings. Of course, she immediately throws herself into full force party planningmode for Stella’s upcoming 1st birthday and the Little Maven fashion show. In the middle of planning, she sends Scout to hand deliver a birthday invitation to Tori’s mom, Candy Spelling. It’s official, the olive branch has been extended… will she accept?

Tori is busy going over ideas for Stella’s party with Patsi. Can you guess the theme? Ladybugs. Who knew? Tori goes online and finds every possible ladybug themed item and orders it. Stella’s 1st birthday also marks the end of Patsi’s time with the McDermotts. Apparently, the deal was that she’d stay with them until she became a toddler. Tori mentions the possibility of her coming back when they have a third child. Oh, boy. Then Tori gets to work on her adoption recommendation for the Guncles. When Tori mentions that she hopes there is a baby around by Christmas, Dean casually asks her if she wants to get busy making another one.Typical.


It’s the day of Dean’smotorcycle race to obtain his licenseand Tori gathers the troops to go support him -but mostly it’s so she doesn’t lose her mind. And because you’re a genius, you’ve already figured out that Dean survives.


Moving on to more important things, Tori and Mehran start working on the first fashion show for Tori’s Little Maven children’s line. She enlists the help of all her gays to send out invitations for Stella’s birthday party and also work on the fashion show details.


Tori talks to Scout about the fact that she’s worried her mom won’t get Stella’s invitation (the size doesn’t fit in the mailbox). Scout volunteers to deliver it toCandy Spelling‘s house. Tori is really hoping that this will be the start of a new beginning for their relationship.


It’s the day of Tori’s Little Maven fashion show and they get busy decorating the backyard. Of course, there’s a crisis. The backdrops are lost in transit and so they must create new ones. Everything is hot pink, kelly green, and adorable. The party goes off without a hitch.

The next day, Tori and Dean go to order Stella’s cake and work out more details of her party. While theyare at the store, Tori receives word that her mom RSVP’d to the party. Dean is stillskeptical of the situation and doesn’t want anything to ruin the party.They haveseveral family members from both sidesflying out to stay at their house for the celebration. Dan Spelling, Tori’s uncle, is her closest relative and reminds her a lot of her father. Tori is exuberant having so much family around.


The workers start transforming the backyard into a childhood wonderland full of giant mushrooms and ladybug-like things. And this is right about where they tell us to stay tuned until next week. UGH.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens between Tori and Candy!

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