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America’s Got Talent 07/29/09: The Final Night Of The Vegas Verdict

July 29, 2009 07:52 PM by Paulene Hinds


Last night more than 160 acts gathered in Las Vegas, and for some that is where the journey ended while for others it had only just begun. Tonight the remaining acts faced the judges and tough decisions had to be made. It is the final night of the Las Vegas verdict on America’s Got Talent.


It was day two of the Vegas verdict on America’s Got Talentand the Top 40 were being decided. Last night 17 acts went through to the quarter finals, and three dance acts where given a dance off challenge. The judges reviewed the tapes one more time and had to decide who else would go through to perform. After the long deliberation, the judges requested to see Dave and Zoe an acrobatic team. David Hasselhoff told the team that they were not sure what to do with the couple as they wondered if they could sustain a show for an hour. The couple tried to reassure the judges and in the end the acrobatic team was sent through to the quarter finals!


The College Bollywood dance team were also hoping to have a chance to perform again on stage along with Footworkings, another dance team. As they stood in front of the judges tonight, they awaited their fate. Both teams were through to Los Angeles and the excitement filled the room.

At the Palms Resort and Casino, many acts waited to hear their fate. Pianist Jeffrey and Harpist Rashida were up next to face the judges this evening. Sharon Osbourne told them that one would go through, while one would go home tonight. It was Jeffrey going through to the next round. Rashida wasn’t the only one going home this evening, many other acts were turned down including Arthur the strange acrobat act.

Eight year old Aliesha was waiting backstage hoping to hear good news tonight and she did! She was off to Los Angeles. Her dream was coming true. As she ran up the stairs to hug the judges she lost her shoe and commented that she was Cinderella.

For some the dream was already over and others knew that the spots were limited including the husband and wife act of Mario and Maria. They fortunately made it through though tonight on America’s Got Talent.

Next up were the singing group Marcus and the Ladies from the MySpace auditions. The girls were pulling him down and Marcus didn’t want to go on without his team. As the judges were about to let the group go, the girls wanted him to go through without them and in the end Marcus was headed through alone to Los Angeles.

The three dance acts that were given the challenge of creating an original routine struggled through the night to get their dance act in order. After twelve hours of dancing, they all knew whatwas at stake as they prepared their routines for the judges. After witnessing the dance routines of Euphoria, Break8skate and Destined 2 Be, the judges decided to send Break8skate through to Los Angeles as the other two teams didn’t even compare to their routine.

americas-got-talent voices of glory

The wait was agonizing for many acts, especially the Voices of Glory who captured the judges hearts with their singing act. They were off to Hollywood to spread their message of hope and love!

More and more acts discovered their fate and the Top 40 spots were filling up fast.

It was quite an emotional day for the acts and the triple violinists were up next to find out whether they had what it takes to go on to Los Angeles. Sharon Osbourne felt that they still had a long way to go to perfect their act. The girls felt that they could do better if they could only have more chances to show their stuff. They were sent through.

39 acts moved on to the quarter finals tonight and only one spot remained tonight. Sixteen year old Mia made it to Vegas last year before she was cut and this year she was trying again. Kelly was sent home in the semi-finals in season one and she also returned to show the judges that she had what it takes. The final spot went to Mia.

So the Top 40 acts have been chosen for the quarter finals of America’s Got Talentand now it is up to you to vote for your favorite. It all begins next Tuesday night at 9 PM only on NBC.

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent 07/29/09: The Final Night Of The Vegas Verdict”

  1. joecole Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 5:36 am

    I think it was a tragedy to put through the dancing Granny and the young piano playing girl and drop Kelly, the blackjack dealer. That tells me it is not a talent show and is a show all about who they think people will watch once more. Do you really think either of those acts is “worth a milion dollars” to quote Piers. And the answer is a big no…. They put through the wrong acts. Its all ratings and they want them now. Why did they even put Jerry the dancer in to round 2? I think they have lost me as a viewer.


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