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Jon & Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Is Getting Greedy

July 29, 2009 05:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


While Kate Gosselin has been taking care of the kids, Jon Gosselinhas been setting himself up with a sweet apartment in New York, traveling to Europe with his new girlfriend Hailey Glassman, and partying it up in the Hamptons. Sources tell Life & Style that now Jon is starting to get greedy. Keep reading for full details…

Recently, Jon was spotted purchasing a pair of $950 shoes from NYC boutique Pravda Abbigliamento on Madison Avenue. “He told us to call him if we got in anything else he might be interested in,” store owner Philip Pravda tells Life & Style.

“Jon is sure Kate’s keeping money from him, more than a million dollars,” an insider close to Jon tells Life & Style. “He thinks some of the money she’s made from her books and tours has been put someplace where he can’t access it.” Jon’s friend confirms, “Jon says he found out Kate had been hiding about $100,000 in cash in the house.”

“It’s turned into an all-out war over money,” the insider says. “Jon says Kate’s books and speaking engagements were based on their children and their relationship, so he rightfully deserves a cut.” Kate disagrees. “As far as she’s concerned, this is money she’s made by herself,” the insider says. “She doesn’t want him to get a cent of it.”

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One Response to “Jon & Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Is Getting Greedy”

  1. solde Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    First time I have ever commented! Not only is John Gosselin an idiot, but extremely irresponsible concerning the safty of his kids. How can he, his friends or this web site be so thoughtless to talk about or publish that Kate has $100,000 hidden in her home? They have now told every theif and addict where to make quick cash. This is an irresponsible father and extremely irresponsible journalism!


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