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So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 Try To Impress

July 29, 2009 07:33 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance gives us the last set of performances before the finale next week when the Top 4 perform for all of the marbles. Tonight, however, we see who has what it takes to get into the finale with one misstep being the difference between fame and glory or contentment with being on the fall SYTYCD tour. It really is anybody’s crown to be claimed this season as even Brandon showed by being in the bottom last week.

Cat Deeley announced that each dancer would perform twice as well as solos and introduced judges Nigel, Mary and guest judge for the night, Lil ‘C , then quizzed them as to what it would take to get into the finale next week. Mary told America to remember the performances as a whole and Nigel added that personality is key at this point and for someone needed to become a star.


The guys did their first group routine with Sonya Tayeh, which always promises to be a bit off the beaten path. One thing is for sure, the big stage sure does look lonely these days with the slimed down ranks. The guys looked pretty funky and little Evan was certainly keeping his own with Ade and Brandon during the routine. The judges loved the routine and generally agreed that Evan did indeed hold his own.

Jeanine and Ade were pared for the chance to get into the finale and a Samba was the first challenge for the duo. It was supposed to be “Hot, hot, hot” and they certainly used the stage and Jeanine was indeed the epitome of sexy. Mary said that the first fifteen seconds was good, but then sucked after that. Lil ‘C said that Jeanine looked amazing but that the partnership was not an excellent pairing and Nigel echoed Mary and Lil ‘C saying that Ade was not so good and then pointless solos started with Kayla, but she was great, I must say.


A Tyce Diorio Broadway number with Melissa and Evan graced the SYTYCD stage and, while it was not as thoughtful as some of the performances of the last couple of weeks, it was fun to watch and was danced well by the couple, especially by Evan who is a natural for a Broadway routine. Lil ‘C said that he didn’t feel that Evan was as excellent as he had hoped; Mary disagreed said that it could be “Get me to the Finale on time.” Nigel said that Melissa has adapted to every routine she has been given and that Evan brought enough to the routine to win a pass to the finale at this point.

Kayla and Brandon were next to make a case for a shot at the finale with choreographer, Stacey Tookey, in a contemporary routine. Kayla and Brandon are definitely both very strong dancers and they proved it with the technical aspects of the routine that had the judges loving the routine. Lil ‘C said it was amazing; Mary said they were both on the Hot Tamale train and said it was exquisite; Nigel finished by saying that Kayla and Brandon were excellent but that from a chemistry standpoint, they haven’t had enough time together.


Jeanine and Ade’s second routine was a Hip-Hop with Tabitha and Napoleon and was about two friends who were being evicted from their apartment. How a Hip-Hop can ne done to that, we will see. The two had another tough routine to prove they belonged in the finale, but I don’t think they did so, probably because they had to dance in boxes. Lil ‘C said that it was better than he thought it would be; Mary said Jeanine did great in the Samba and said that they would not be getting an eviction notice after that performance and Nigel added that they “Got down” and did a great job and then Brandon went for the “Vote for me cause I am wearing skimpy shorts” vote with his solo.

Melissa and Evan were faced with the always troublesome Quickstep from choreographer Louie Van Amstel to finish their plea to America for a trip to the finale. The energy was tremendous from the couple in a usually tough dance that is uniformly criticized heavily by the judges. Lil ‘C said that Evan danced big and that Melissa was great; Mary said that it started well but was disappointed in it and Nigel said that Melissa was extremely talented but said the dance was losing steam in the middle section for him. So the Quickstep continues to be a couple-killer and hopefully it won’t be for Evan and Melissa tonight.


Kayla and Brandon finished the final routine of the night with a fun way to go out with a Disco routine from choreographer Doriana Sanchez that promised to as fast-paced as ever on the SYTYCD stage. The two certainly showed why they were probably destined for the finale, especially when Kayla actually helped Brandon do a flip at the end of the routine. Lil ‘C said something about comfort zone and seeing music with their ears,OK, I don’t know what he said. Mary said they hit a homerun tonight and Nigel then acted all somber and then jumped and yelled and said it was incredible.

The girls finished with their contemporary routine from Sonya Tayeh that was all about superheroes and the judges loved the talent of the final three girls. It looked as America will indeed have a tough choice ahead of them, but Brandon and Kayla should definitely be in the finale, without question, but who is joining them will be anybody’s guess.

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