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Big Brother 11: New Twist & Another Eviction

July 30, 2009 07:08 PM by Ryan Haidet


“Season Of The Dork.” I think that’s the perfect way to describe the way in which Big Brother has been played this summer. Ronnie the Rat has managed to escape eviction yet again after Casey was nominated against Jordan for eviction. Hard to believe how quickly plans can change. Despite the crummy news that Ronnie is sticking around for at least one more week, tonight’s episode on CBS finally delivered. There was a great moment before and immediately after the eviction with another major twist announced.

Sleep Stalker

Before all of the drama and strategy started to unravel, we finally had the opportunity to truly see how whacky Lydia really is. She went up to the Head Of Household bedroom where Jessie was fast asleep and climbed into bed with him. That’s when she started staring. “I like to watch Jessie sleep,” Lydia said. She was hoping he was having a dream about her — or baby unicorns. Really?



Banana Rally

Casey was hopeful to get the house to rally and rise against Jessie. He vowed to target the Athlete if five people would vote on his behalf and keep him in the house. So the banana-suit wearing Casey went to the backyard and worked on Russell. He tried to embed in Russell’s head that he was at the bottom of the totem pole in his alliance with the boneheads — Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie.


Gone Bananas!

Let’s be honest. This was an extremely predictable eviction. If you were paying attention, you likely noticed a big change in Jordan’s style from the eviction couch compared to last Thursday. Last week she was all dolled up wearing a gorgeous blue dress. Tonight, she was dressed like she was ready to go take a nap. Jordan, just like everybody else, knew there was no need to get all fancy because she wasn’t going anywhere. Her place in the game was safe.


That said, Casey still fought on till the last moment. During his final plea before the live vote, Casey said the only reason he was about to be ousted was because of two backstabbers in the house. “Ronnie — the manipulative Dorkapotamus with the God complex.” Then he turned his attention to Jessie, who he said has the IQ and personality of, ironically, a banana. Casey argued that Meathead would soon lead them all to the slaughter like a bunch of sheep if they didn’t change the game.

But that plea didn’t matter. Everybody except for Russell voted against Casey and the banana-suit-wearing contestant was evicted. Upon the announcement, Casey walked around and said his goodbyes. But he got one last jab in — Casey told Jessie that his word was mud and meant nothing. He said that Jessie deserved whatever is coming to him in the future of the game. That’s when Natalie lashed out in Jessie’s defense. “What are you, his pitbull?” Casey said. “Go make Jessie a sandwich.” With that, the door shut behind him and he exited the house to the cheers from the live studio audience where host Julie Chen waited to meet him.


Cliques Separated & Mystery Power

After the exit interview with Casey, everybody was ordered to get back into the living room immediately. “As of right now, the cliques no longer exist,” Julie said. “You are all now on your own — no longer protected by your clique.”

Thank goodness.

But that’s not all, a new mystery power was about to be placed in the game that can only be used within the next two weeks. Only the person who receives the power will know what it is and it must be kept a secret until the moment the power is used. One final note, having the HOH and Power Of Veto is the only way to guarantee safety against the new power. Interesting. What is it?

It’s called the Coup D’Etat and during the next two weeks, the person with the power can change one or both of the nominees on the spot just seconds before the live eviction. This coming Thursday, it will be revealed which of the remaining houseguests has been given the power as voted on by America.

Swinging To Victory

In the first endurance challenge of the season, the contestants sat on hanging ropes for the HOH competition. As soon as the competition started, the challenge got rougher because they were rotated in a circle with a large diploma-like blockade put in their way. As they spun in the circle, they took turns getting blasted by the diploma. Then the man-made Big Brother rain was unleashed.

The first five people eliminated from the competition will be able to choose a prize from the table — one of which contains $5,000. Who will win and who will crash to the ground? Find out during Sunday night’s episode.

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