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Big Brother 11: Mongoose Vs. The Snake

August 02, 2009 06:34 PM by Ryan Haidet


Face plant. Splat. Gag. Spew. As last Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother came to an end, the remaining houseguests were left swinging in a contest to win Head of Household. And this was one brutal endurance challenge filled with pain, shivers and nausea.

Spinning To Victory

“It was just an amusement park ride from hell,” Natalie said to describe the challenge. Throughout the many revolutions, the contestants faced freezing rain and constant blasts from the Big Brother diploma battering ram.


The tough challenge only took 21 minutes to take effect when Kevin became the first casualty. Next off was Lydia, who voluntarily quit after 25 minutes.


After their poor performance, Jessie was upset that neither of them seemed willing to fight on harder. He felt they were only focused on getting out of the competition and returning to comfort.

Ronnie fell off moments later with Natalie just three minutes behind him. Natalie had taken a beating in the challenge — she gagged and vomited numerous times.


Jordan, Chima and Michele were the next to go leaving two former Athlete-clique members Jeff and Russell. Both were visibly sore and freezing before they started chatter about targeting Ronnie for the week. In order to solidify his deal in secret, Russell requested that everybody else go inside the house and leave the moment to he and Jeff. “You are safe and so is Jordan,” Russell promised to Jeff. “I promise you. I swear on my dad.” After the deal was laid out, Jeff dropped out of the challenge 3 hours and 38 minutes into the competition.

Russell couldn’t have been more excited to finally have the key to HOH.


Ronnie’s Plea

With the introduction of a new mystery power, which host Julie Chen announced last week, Ronnie was extremely hopeful that America would vote for him to win it. He looked at the Big Brother cameras and made a direct plea to viewers saying he would use the power for good. In a confessional, Ronnie later said he was hoping to get the power so he could use it just like a Jedi.

Please, Ronnie. The only reason America would ever give you the power would to simply watch you do something stupid with it.

For those who missed it, the new power — the Coup D’Etat — will be introduced this coming Thursday with the winning recipient having the right to completely change one or both of the nominees just seconds prior to the eviction vote. The power can only be used once within the next two weeks.

The Mongoose Attacks

After every key was pulled during the Nomination Ceremony, it was revealed that Lydia and Ronnie had been targeted for eviction. Russell labeled Ronnie as a lying snake who was deceiving everybody in the house.

Finally, somebody delivered a solid nomination.

Thanks, Russell.

Images provided by Monty Brinton/CBS.

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One Response to “Big Brother 11: Mongoose Vs. The Snake”

  1. innerjuju Says:
    August 3rd, 2009 at 7:02 am

    The only thing better is if Jesse were sitting next to Ronnie. I keep hoping that Jeff gets the power and places Jesse up at the most opportune moment.


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